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Deliver the information owners need to begin seamless operations on day one.

Connect BIM asset data created and collected during design and construction to building operations to ensure smoother and more profitable operations throughout the facility lifecycle.

Facilities Maintenance

Preparing a building for operations is a chore, particularly when it comes to transferring asset data. With asset data collected in a single platform throughout the project, this transfer can take minutes.

And owners can access building and portfolio dashboards for transparency into building operations, while reducing the time necessary to log and close service requests.


Asset Lifecycle

Getting the asset information owners need to operate a building shouldn’t start when construction ends. The later this is defined, the more expensive it gets.

With a connected platform, requirement definition and fulfillment can start during design and be enriched throughout the project, resulting in a living as-built that fuels operations on day one.


Deliver projects faster with a portfolio of industry-leading cloud solutions, unparalleled in performance and simplicity.

Connect all of your data and workflows to make decisions more effectively across the project lifecycle.

Manage work order tickets from as-builts

Owners Using BIM 360 Ops can easily manage work order tickets created in PlanGrid for more efficient building maintenance

Extend BIM to building operation

Jumpstart asset maintenance with asset data from Revit and BIM 360, including models and maintenance checklists, scheduling and history