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Construction Takeoff Software

Generate 2D takeoffs & 3D quantities from a single solution.

Win more work with competitive bids that are generated from accurate estimates produced from integrated takeoffs and quantities.

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Win more work with 2D and 3D takeoff software for accurate estimating.


Align estimators and construction teams with cloud-based data management that ensures everyone is working from a single source of truth.


Save time creating competitive bids by performing more accurate 2D takeoffs and generating automated quantities from 3D models. Capture the most detailed quantities to ensure the best construction scope of work on your projects.


Avoid rework by visualizing project scope in 3D, which allows a better understanding of design intent and constructability issues. Leverage a single inventory of 2D + 3D quantities throughout the construction process.

Ready to generate competitive bids? Check out the integrated 2D+3D construction takeoff software solution!

Transform takeoffs with comprehensive 2D and 3D quantification software.

Cloud-Based Document Management

Estimating teams get simplified access to relevant construction documents, drawings, and 3D models, resulting in improved collaboration.

Simplified 2D Takeoff

Easily capture construction project scope with linear, count, and area takeoff. Generate multiple quantities and use custom formulas.

Automated 3D Takeoff

Get instant access to quantities from the BIM model to achieve tremendous time savings and construction project scope visualization.

Aggregate 2D & 3D Takeoff

Takeoff types can be used across 2D and 3D takeoff, allowing Construction teams to access aggregated quantities from drawings and models in a highly organized and customizable view.

Cloud-Based Document Management

Estimating teams get simplified access to relevant construction documents, drawings, and 3D models, resulting in improved collaboration.

Additional Features
Multiple Classifications

Use predefined classification systems or upload custom classifications across projects. Easily standardize classifications across construction projects.

Takeoff – Any Way You Want

Choose the imperial or metric measurement system based on your construction project’s needs. Takeoff once and generate multiple quantities.

Formula-Based Quantities

Use customized formulas to generate complex quantities in both 2D and 3D – takeoff with confidence with our formula checker.

Connect to Estimating Solutions

Aggregated 2D+3D quantities can be rolled up by classification, type, and material to allow for an easy connection to estimating solutions through Excel export.

Quotation mark

"The combination of 2D and 3D takeoffs will help eliminate any type of oversight and streamline the process of how we do our takeoffs by having data points collected in a single tool. "

- David Vrabel, Estimator, Herrero Builders

The benefits of Autodesk 2D & 3D construction takeoff Software.

Explore the advantages contractors receive by implementing cloud-based 2D & 3D takeoff software.

Centralizing 2D & 3D takeoffs

2D and 3D takeoff solution gives teams clarity in project budgets, allowing them to accurately assess the scope of work and plans. With access to this data, companies can more easily manage procurement activities, self-perform tasks, and streamline production processes.

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Eliminates Redundancies

With Autodesk Takeoff estimators can maximize their efficiency and accuracy by organizing packages based on scope of work. This strategy streamlines the takeoff process, allowing estimators to make better decisions and reduce the risk of going over budget.

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Improves collaboration

Autodesk Takeoff facilitates collaboration between estimators by breaking down data silos and enabling access to essential documents, drawings, and models. With it, estimators can use centralized platform to increase takeoff accuracy and project transparency.

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Saves Time

Achieving realistic and accurate takeoffs is essential for a successful construction planning process. By empowering teams to meet even the most challenging of deadlines, effective takeoffs have an invaluable role to play in ensuring projects come in on time and on budget.

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The New Cornerstone for Preconstruction Workflows

Autodesk is combining 2D and 3D quantification capabilities in one cloud-based solution to empower estimators to create accurate estimates and competitive bids, faster.

4 Ways Autodesk® Takeoff Will Improve 2D and 3D Takeoffs

By unifying 2D and 3D workflows on a centralized platform, estimating teams can reduce the risk of scope gaps and inaccurate takeoff, leading to profitability.

Autodesk Takeoff reduces takeoff time by more than 50% for Windover Construction

Windover automated the quantity takeoff process using Autodesk Takeoff, saving up to 30% on the estimating time and reducing their takeoff time by more than 50% on a recent project.

Frequently asked questions about Autodesk Takeoff.

What is Autodesk Takeoff?

Autodesk Takeoff is an essential software for construction professionals. It helps estimation teams perform accurate 2D and 3D takeoff in a single toolset. With Autodesk Takeoff, administrators and estimators share a real-time view of estimation work across the Construction projects, improving collaboration and transparency while creating more competitive bids.

How Much does Autodesk Takeoff software Cost?

Autodesk Takeoff software typically requires a monthly or annual subscription, giving you access to the latest features and updates. To learn more please check the pricing page.

What does Autodesk Takeoff software do?

With Autodesk Takeoff software, users can quickly access drawing and model-based quantification workflows, so estimating teams can collaborate better. Moreover, its intuitive interface enables users to navigate easily and accurately measure in 2D or 3D.

How do I access Autodesk Takeoff?

To access Autodesk Takeoff, you will first need to purchase a subscription. Once you have your subscription, sign in with your Autodesk ID. After signing in, you will be able to start using Takeoff. Start an Autodesk Takeoff free trial to evaluate 2D and 3D takeoff software for estimators.