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Why Choose Autodesk Construction Cloud?

All-new, powerfully simple tools to collaborate securely from a single login. Autodesk Build, Takeoff, BIM Collaborate and Docs connect teams, workflows and data from design through operations.

The Heart of Collaboration

Project Management is essential to project success, but traditional PM solutions have struggled to serve the needs of the field and office together.

Autodesk Build unites flexible project management with PlanGrid Build, the most-loved field solution. Together, teams are set up to work from accurate information together. And when questions arise, they are escalated, investigated, and resolved without missing a beat.

Connecting the Construction Lifecycle

How many steps are involved in getting new design data into the hands of preconstruction and construction teams? Time for each step can slow collaboration and leave old plans in the field.

With Autodesk Docs as the Common Data Environment, you can publish directly to Autodesk Build. Autodesk Docs provides rich, configurable approval workflows making it easy to ensure that plans and data are accurate from design to turnover.

Built for 2D and 3D

Translating design intent for use by the whole project team requires the ability to transition seamlessly between 2D and 3D views without data loss. It doesn’t need to be either/or.

Autodesk Takeoff supports 2D and 3D quantification workflows, and makes it easy to switch between the two.

Own Your Data

Data is at the heart of digital transformation. From creation to distribution to analysis, the more connected the data, the more change it can drive.

Autodesk Construction Cloud delivers actionable and predictive insights natively. And when you need additional controls, Data Connector makes it easy to bridge project data and your managed data warehouse.

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Comprehensive field and project management software delivers a connected set of tools for builders.

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Centralized document management solution acts as a single source of truth across teams and project lifecycle.

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Perform accurate 2D takeoffs and generate automated quantities from 3D models in a single solution.

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Connect project teams and data to reduce risk, improve quality, and deliver projects on time and budget.

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Connect your teams, data and workflows with Autodesk Construction Cloud.