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Win more work with connected and centralized construction bid management.

Secure new business by finding the right partners and picking the most accurate estimate for every construction project.

Find and manage the right builders for every project.

Effortlessly identify, expand, and manage your partnerships on BuildingConnected’s accurate, crowdsourced network for builders. Reduce risk by instantly accessing their qualifications before inviting vendors to bid on projects.

Construction contractor image cards connecting in a conceptual Builders Network to help teams find the right contractor for their job.

Centralize construction bid management.

Maximize productivity and bid accuracy by centralizing construction bid management on a single platform. With BuildingConnected, estimators can work confidently and collaboratively, knowing they’re using the most up-to-date information when bidding.

Conceptual image of site office staying connected to Owner and GCs to meet tight deadlines such as efficient bid management.

Manage bid invites from an online bid board.

Manage construction bid invites, projects, team workload, and due dates throughout the organization with Bid Board Pro. This online bid board automates bid tracking and centralizes team collaboration, so you can focus on winning jobs.

Pre-Construction management software, Bid Board helps preconstruction teams manage bids.

Get integrated risk-adjusted bidding.

Let risk and estimating teams collaborate to mitigate the risks. TradeTapp’s automated subcontractor qualification results are integrated with BuildingConnected Pro, so estimators can make smarter decisions before choosing a subcontractor for a construction project.

Risk tracking improves preconstruction bidding.

Start winning more work with BuildingConnected construction bidding software.

Reduce construction project risk with centralized collaboration, data, and insights.

Connect with teams that provide helpful information to ensure you work with the best construction partners.

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Work with Qualified Subcontractors

Use financial and safety risk analyses to determine the impact of working with qualified subcontractors.

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Leverage Accurate Takeoffs

Ensure your construction project stays on track with an integrated approach to 2D and 3D takeoffs.

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Construction Field Collaboration Software
Manage Projects in the Field

Save hours of manual entry by instantly pushing project files and data from the office to the field.

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"BuildingConnected provides a streamlined bid management process that takes the pressure off the estimating team. "

- Stephen Fontana, Estimator at Holt Construction
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The benefits of construction bid management software

Check out some of these advantages general contractors and subcontractors can receive by implementing and utilizing a bid management software solution to oversee projects and send or receive invitations to bids (ITBs).

Centralized Bid Tracking

For contractors, a connected and streamlined bid management solution is a must-have for bid solicitation and management to save time, improve the quality of bids, and foster better collaboration.

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Win More Work

Connect with builders on the largest crowd-sourced construction network so you find the right contractors and win the jobs you want. Manage all your bids and projects in one place and save up to 8 hours a week.

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Prequalified Subcontractors

By combining your bidding and qualification processes into one seamless workflow, risk data can instantly influence estimator decision making, optimize the way you assess costs, and help you identify, predict, and mitigate potential risk early on.

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Increase Collaboration

With centralized bid management, you can easily keep your team on the same page, gain visibility into projects across the office or company, and facilitate collaboration all from one place.

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Improve construction Bid management.

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Frequently asked questions about construction bid management
What is a bid management platform?

A bid management platform automates and streamlines the laborious process of creating and submitting construction project proposals. You can reduce the amount of time spent on the bidding process by using solutions that let you disseminate key project files and information and manage and track bidding details all in one place.

How can software & tools help improve bid management in construction?

With the use of cloud-based bid management software, general contractors and subcontractors can secure new business and reduce project risk in preconstruction. It can also keep teams centrally collaborating to increase productivity and transparency.

What is the bid management process?

At Autodesk, the bid management process involves leveraging the largest real-time construction network to find and invite the right trade partners for every project. From there, you can find the most accurate estimate with bid leveling functionality and an integrated subcontractor qualification process to evaluate risk.

How is construction bidding software used?

Construction bidding software helps you perform tasks like creating, tracking, and managing bids from one place. It is used to accurately manage the bidding process and find qualified subcontractors on the most up-to-date network of construction professionals.