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Construction Project Management Software

Streamline workflows. Control your project.

Configurable construction project management workflows meet your team’s needs, connect the office and field, and keep your project on track.

Keep Projects on Track.

Gain real-time access to the latest schedule. Bring the schedule from Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, or ASTA Powerproject into Autodesk Build so all project stakeholders can access and collaborate on the schedule data in a centralized environment. View and collaborate on the schedule from the field, so changes are easily communicated from the trailer to HQ.

Do more with schedule data. Leverage custom views and filters to sort through thousands of activities. Using the Cost Management integration, pull schedule data into Cost Management to connect cost to time and more accurately forecast cash flow.

Construction Project Management Software for Construction RFIs

Seamlessly manage RFIs.

Designate clear responsibilities for each step of the RFI process to improve communication, create accountability, and efficiently manage RFIs through resolution.

Do more than just manage RFIs, connect them across the project lifecycle. Link RFIs to other tasks, escalate Issues to RFIs, and RFIs to Potential Change Orders to streamline workflows and reduce the risk of data loss.

Construction Project Management Software for Construction RFIs

Simplify submittals.

Start projects faster with an automated submittal log and efficiently coordinate and manage all submittals in a single submittal log. Quickly move submittals through the review process, with actionable responses.

Initiate submittal requests, manage reviews and approvals, and access approved submittal information from your mobile device. This streamlines the process, increases visibility, and provides field teams with immediate access to the information they need.

Centralize meetings.

Improve team coordination and project tracking with centralized construction meeting minutes.

Effortlessly manage meeting minutes. Gain clear visibility into commitments made, link to essential references, and keep an organized history of all meeting records. With all necessary information at your fingertips, meetings are effortless, productive, and collaborative.

Construction Project Management Software for construction meeting minutes

Connected workflows simplify collaboration between stages, teams, and projects.

Cost, quality, schedule, and safety managed together from design to turnover. In the office or at the jobsite, centralized collaboration, data and insights bring teams together to drive productivity and reduce risk.

Construction Issue to RFI
Elevate an Issue to an RFI

Create an RFI directly from an Issue, reducing duplicate data entry and creating a bi-directional link between the two records.

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Construction Meeting Minutes
Link References to Meetings

Increase visibility to critical information by attaching documents and drawings. Even link issues and RFIs directly to meeting items.

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Construction Progress Tracking
Track Progress with Markups

Connect the field and office. Arm field teams with the ability to track progress directly in sheets, from their mobile device.

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