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Improve collaboration and drive action with centralized meetings.

Make every meeting productive with visibility into the commitments made and an organized history of all meeting records.

Centralize meetings.

Improve team coordination and project tracking. Whether its design collaboration, model coordination, or construction, centralize meetings and minutes.

Create agendas, schedule follow-ups, send email notifications, integrate virtual meetings, and provide an organized history of all meeting records.


Document key decisions.

Make decisions actionable and accountable. Capture decisions made during meetings and create next steps by assigning individuals, roles or companies to specific items.

Open action items will automatically populate in follow-up meetings, making it easy to track action items to completion.


Increase access to critical meeting information.

Bring attention to the things that need it most. Increase accessibility to information by linking Documents, Sheets, Issues, and RFIs directly to meeting items.

Team members can easily find all information with search and filter functionality.


Access meetings in the field and office.

Keep critical meeting information at your fingertips in the field and in the office.

With Meeting Minutes on mobile, access meeting agendas and records, view linked items, and search meeting titles to quickly find the information you need.


See Meetings in action.


Comprehensive field and project management software that delivers a broad, deep and connected set of tools for builders.


Connect decision-makers and construction teams to improve design quality and constructibility from the office to the field.