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Streamline construction submittals.

Efficiently create, customize, and manage all construction submittals in a centralized platform.

Customize the submittal workflow.

Easily create and organize individual submittal items and move construction submittals through the review process efficiently with actionable and conflict-free responses.  
Customize the process to meet your project and company needs. Custom review workflows streamline the process and ensure all necessary team members have an opportunity to review and comment.


Start the project faster.

Leverage an automated construction submittal log to get the project started faster. AutoSpecs analyzes your spec documents to create an ultra-accurate submittal register in minutes.
Understand your construction submittal project requirements in finer detail when you have all of your action submittals, products, closeout submittals, QA/QC requirements, and more at your fingertips.


Provide real-time visibility into submittal status.

Seamlessly track and review construction submittals in real time. As submittal items move through the workflow, the system automatically tracks and displays transition dates.  
With submittals in Project Home, you can track construction submittals assigned to you or the entire project and see recently closed construction submittals in the Recent Activity log.


Share construction submittals instantly.

Keep your project teams connected while on site and in the office.  
As soon as a construction submittal is approved, it’s immediately accessible in the mobile app, ensuring field teams have the most up-to-date information to build accurately

Key features of Construction Submittal Software
Document management

Organize all project documents and data, from design to construction, on a single platform. Stay in control of all information related to the project, save time, and keep everyone up to date with the progress.

Customizable review workflows

Create customizable and repeatable workflows for efficient data management between the office and jobsite. Streamline document management, ensure information is always accessible, and keep everyone in the loop – all on one, easy-to-use platform.

Submittal tracking with an audit trail

Keep track of changes on your project with an easily accessible audit trail. Gain visibility into the current and previous status of submittals, with a complete log of every action taken and all responsible parties.

Access control & permissions

Ensure everyone can access the data they need with flexible and centralized user management. This simplifies the process of initiating projects, allowing all authorized personnel to conveniently access the necessary resources with a single click.

Unlock the potential of unified construction project management software.

Construction Submittal Software Frequently Asked Questions
What is construction submittal software?

Construction submittal software is a digital platform designed for the collaboration and approval of various kinds of project documents. It provides an efficient way for contractors, architects, engineers, and other project stakeholders to submit, review, comment on, and approve project documents such as drawings, plans, specifications, and other related materials. This software streamlines the submittal process and helps ensure that projects are completed in a timely and organized manner.

How can construction submittal software streamline the approval process?

Construction submittal software provides a streamlined, centralized platform for managing and tracking the review and approval process. It automates many of the tedious administrative tasks associated with handling submittals, such as routing, tracking, and archiving documents. It also enables faster communication between different stakeholders in the project, such as contractors and architects, which can significantly reduce the time needed to obtain approval.

How does Autodesk submittal software manage the submission, review, and approval of project documents and materials?

Autodesk submittal software helps streamline the process of submitting, reviewing and approving project documents and materials. It offers an automated workflow that makes it easy to access and manage submission documents, share data with stakeholders in real-time, track changes and approvals from remote locations, and quickly generate reports on the progress of submissions.

Can Autodesk Construction Cloud submittal software be customized for unique project needs?

Yes, Autodesk Construction Cloud submittal software can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any project. With robust customization options and templated workflows, users can create a submittal process that works best for their organization and project. This includes customizing the workflow, adding references such as photos and forms, custom submittal item numbering, and using automated triggers for each step in the process.

What are the different types of submittals used in construction?

Submittals are a key part of the construction process and can include anything from drawings to product data. Submittals are usually: shop drawings, technical data, product specifications, or samples.

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