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Centralized Construction Project Schedules

Build from the single source of truth and instantly share construction schedules and digital work plans with the project team. Collaborate, connect and integrate construction schedules with the rest of the project. Build and execute reliable work plans to reduce costly delays and rework.

Share the construction schedule, instantly.

Eliminate delays, reduce miscommunication and share the construction schedule with the ones that need it most. Update the schedule from headquarters and instantly get it to the field.


Connect the schedule to the entire project.

Link critical construction documents like Files, Photos, Issues, Sheets and Assets to schedule activity items. Leverage the integration with Cost to connect the construction project schedule to budget to plan time-related costs and to establish cash flow.


Find what you're looking for, quickly.

Save time and get information faster. Search thousands of schedule items or filter by date, resources or status and sort to quickly find the critical construction scheduling information. Visually stack up to 5 different versions of the schedule to quickly understand the trends and changes affecting each activity.


Digitize weekly work plans.

Reduce the time needed to document, input, maintain, and share tasks, handoffs, roadblocks and dependencies collected in production planning meetings. Build reliable work plans using Lean Construction principles in the context of the master schedule to reduce costly delays and rework, while improving project quality with a single source of truth for all schedule information.


Access construction schedules, anywhere.

Stay updated on project activities in the field and in the office with construction schedule management software. With Schedule on mobile, view activities happening that day, week, or month. Use the search to quickly find the exact activity that you are looking for.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Schedule Management Software .

What is construction scheduling software?

Construction scheduling software assists project managers, schedule managers, and contractors in planning, tracking, and managing construction projects. The Construction scheduling software can be used to create detailed project schedules, a list of activities, milestones, and critical tasks’ start and end dates to better manage subcontractors, materials, and equipment and measure project performance.

What is construction schedule management software?

Construction schedule management software enables teams to gain real-time visibility into project schedules by centralizing schedules in the cloud, allowing teams to collaborate, connect, and interface with the most up-to-date information. Schedule Managers can upload schedules from traditional schedule authoring software to delivering real-time access to the master schedule data in the office and field to ensure that everyone is on the same page at the same time.

How can construction schedule management software benefit my construction projects?

Construction schedule management software can help to improve communication and organization on construction projects. It can provide an up-to-date timeline of all the tasks associated with the project, including start and end dates. Construction schedules are made up of thousands of activities and, as a result, sifting through printouts on a job site is a tedious, labor-intensive task. With a digitized schedule at your fingertips, both your office and field teams can quickly search and filter through thousands of activities to locate desired items.

How does construction schedule management software improve collaboration and communication?

Construction scheduling software can help to improve communication and organization on construction projects. No longer a need to rely on outdated schedule printouts, spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls; simply interact with the digital schedule, add relevant referenceable content, or comment on specific schedule activities so issues can be addressed in real-time with a robust audit trail.

What is short-term planning and what are the benefits?

Short-term planning consists of collaborative work planning sessions focused on commitments, roadblocks, daily check-ins and updates. A lot of waste can be eliminated by more effective planning utilizing the Lean Construction Principles, teams can reduce waste and overproduction and get clear commitments from those performing the work.

How does lean construction impact workers on the job site?

Lean construction is a project delivery process that aims to eliminate waste of resources including time, materials and effort on construction projects by emphasizing team collaboration, transparency and accountability. Teams take a “leaner” approach to the processes and mechanisms used to deliver projects to owners. It also has a direct impact on workers’ safety since teams are kept in the loop for where they need to be and what work needs to be executed and when.

What are Construction Work Plans?

Work plans play a key role in managing the short-term schedules on a project. The basic concept is to break the work down into small tasks that can be reliably planned and executed to keep projects on track. The key is to engage the experts (trade partners and stakeholders) and use the knowledge gained from all stakeholders involved in the completion of a work plan that the team (general contractor and trade partners) commits to. Key milestones are identified from the master schedule and brought into the production plan and detailed out so the work can be performed on the job site.

Can the software integrate with other construction management tools?

Yes, our schedule tool is a part of Autodesk Build. You can avoid the risk of schedule delays by leveraging the digitized schedule in the same solution that handles project management, issue management and cost management workflows. The Schedule tool in Autodesk Build helps teams clearly communicate and reference critical data to avoid potential problems in the future. This helps ensure that all stakeholders have the information they need to make informed decisions and keep projects on track.

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