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Facilities Management

Simplify facility and asset maintenance with a mobile-first approach.

Connect BIM asset data and building IoT alerts to facility maintenance technicians when they need it, where they need it.

Begin building operations on day one.

Leverage BIM asset data to maintain assets in accordance with warranty requirements and easily set up and report on preventive maintenance programs.

Import building assets and associated data from Revit or a spreadsheet and start scheduling preventive maintenance. Schedule tickets can be automatically created with checklists and documentation.

Schematic image of BIM asset data and facility map demonstrate how facility management software enables building operations.

Discover mobile-first maintenance.

Facilities managers and technicians can view and update tickets on their mobile devices. Detailed asset data, including O&Ms and 3D models, link to tickets for immediate reference.

Deliver ticket and asset data to your maintenance team when they need it, where they need it.

iPhone with maintenance data demonstrates how mobile-first maintenance enables improved facility managment.

Optimize facility management.

Use indoor maps to locate tickets and assets, provide wayfinding for technicians, and enable more effective ticket triaging and analysis. Send alarms from your building automation systems and IoT devices to alert your workforce about anomalies and to track resolution.

Dashboards show tickets in streamlined views, providing teams with focused and relevant data specific to their roles.

Heatmap of facility management assets and issues enables improved facility management.

A collaborative platform to realize the operating potential of your facilities.

Connect the asset data created and collected during design and construction to building management to make operations more seamless.

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Asset Tracking

Track and manage assets from design through handover on a single platform.

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Improve Handover

Quickly access and export all asset documentation by using a centralized document repository.

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Accelerate Commissioning

Connect assets and commissioning efforts to field execution workflows, such as checklists and issues.

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"When facilities managers have to access a piece of information, no matter how good your ISO standards are, its generally quite difficult when you have hundreds of thousands of assets. Now, we can find that information much quicker. "

- BAM Ireland FM

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