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Accelerate project delivery with federated models.

Easily aggregate multi-discipline models from different file types, curate views, create custom coordination spaces and perform constructability reviews.

Aggregate models.

Facilitate comprehensive constructability reviews and clash detection by aggregating multi-discipline models, regardless of the file format. Easily manipulate models by selecting areas of focus.


Coordinate models with curated views.

Create custom-curated views by level, phase, or trade, making it easier to focus coordination efforts on a project subset. Views can be created as private workspace for a specific member’s use, or as a published view intended for collaboration by the broader project team.


Collaborate on model quality.

Teams can easily ensure model quality by creating specific coordination spaces that allow designers and BIM experts to test designs and run automated clash detection. Easily navigate federated models to check for constructability issues.


See Aggregated Models in action.

Connect decision-makers and construction teams to manage design reviews and automate model coordination with trades. Improve design quality and constructibility from the office to the field.