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Scale up safety on site.

Remove hazards before they become incidents, so your team can go home safe and sound just as they arrived.

Start with safety wins

Build a culture of trust by sharing “Good catches” and learning from “Near misses” – with photos and root causes.

Whether it’s a spontaneous observation or through a job hazard analysis checklist, anyone on site can document safety conditions directly from their mobile device.

Creating a site construction safety checklist template

Observe, monitor, and resolve

Capture near misses, safety observations, or a real-time incident on the spot to monitor resolution.

Log safety concerns or incidents from the field, and monitor, and manage project safety through ready-for-executives reports on issues. Log root causes to identify trends and resolve common safety concerns before they begin.

Plan to prevent with proactive measures

Schedule the necessary personnel, equipment, and resources at the jobsite when they’re needed, avoiding conflicts and incidents.

Coach your teams and continuously improve safety programs with project safety insights. Identify potential hazards or at-risk trades through Autodesk AI driven, predictive risk mitigation.

jobsite safety checklist on a construction app

Have you ever just wanted to clone your project's safety champion?

Well, this is the next best thing: everything you need for proactive construction safety management, in one place, and anyone on your team–on any device–can make your safety program dreams a reality.

Construction Safety Checklist Icon
Standardize Safety Documentation

Create templated safety checklists or import PDF forms to align your teams and safety data.

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Visualize Construction Safety Information
Add Context to Safety Information

Photos put safety observations, wins, conditions, and incidents into context, and they're easy to add to documenation.

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Construction Safety Performance Icon
Monitor Safety Performance

Make your safety data work for you through safety dashboards to stay on top of logged issues and analyze trends to easily create predictive incident prevention plans.

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Get started with construction Safety Management.

Connected Teams

The benefits of construction safety software

Check out some of these advantages general contractors and subcontractors can receive by implementing and utilizing a safety management software solution to oversee projects.

Connect jobsite teams

Learn how Arcadis delivered a large-scale toll road update under budget with no recordable safety incidents.

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Boost employee confidence

Celebrate safety wins, in addition issues, through a cloud-based safety management system cements your commitment to your crew’s safety and your company’s safety culture.

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Inform bid decisions

Utilizing key financial and safety metrics, like Experience Modification Rate (EMR), to select subcontractors helps to mitigate your project’s risk.

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Public safety

Learn how PENTA Building Group placed its bet on construction technology for operational certainty in Las Vegas

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Implement your construction safety management solution.

Learn how the right safety management software can make a big difference in improving construction site safety.

Explore the role of trust in construction safety management and how you can effectively improve it in the workplace.

How ENR Top 600 Specialty Contractors Manage Safety

Learn directly from experts about how they create safer and more resilient sites

Find Your Construction Community

An online construction community designed for customers to connect, ideate, and grow with one another.

Frequently asked questions about construction safety management
What is construction safety management?

A construction safety management system is a proactive method of systematically identifying potential dangers and managing risks on a construction project with the goal of reducing accidents.

What is construction site safety?

Construction site safety prioritizes worker health and wellbeing, as well as visitors and the general public, through preventative and proactive measures including an enacted safety plan, PPE, and safety observations.

Who uses construction safety management software?

All construction workers use safety management software to document unsafe conditions, recognize safety wins, conduct safety meetings and keeping attendance records, and identifying the root causes of safety risks. Construction safety management software enhances safety programs by engaging teams to prevent hazards and other risks on job sites.

Why is construction safety important?

The health and safety of construction workers is the single most important reason for construction site safety.