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Closeout & Project Handover

Simplify the closeout process and finish strong.

Take the stress out of the construction closeout process by connecting data from the field and office to ensure the documentation you need is at your fingertips.

Streamline commissioning and turnover.

Successfully close out a project with less heavy-lifting. Deliver efficient and organized documentation to satisfy clients and position your firm for future work.

Reduce the time it takes to access asset data in the field, perform commissioning, and resolve defects while reducing risks.

Construction closeout software components streamline commissioning such as QR code and asset information.

Generate high-quality turnover documentation.

Generate accurate, comprehensive turnover documentation with a single click. Organized by folder for easy navigation, documents can be downloaded as the most up-to-date record and hard copy of a project.

All hyperlinks, photos, and markups remain live, linked, and editable, thus making operations and ongoing facilities management much more efficient.

Schematic of construction project and plans organize into construction and commissioning project files.

Deliver fast and accurate as-builts.

Generate complete and accurate as-builts to enable efficient operations and facilities management, including the export of drawings, models, documents, and photos.

Speed up closeout with all your sign-offs, O&M manuals, and submittals, along with the rest of a project’s history.

Construction drawings save as accurate construction as-built files, drawings, models, photos.

Automate document collection and track toward completion.

Track closeout progress by automating the collection of submittals and closeout documentation for centralized review.

At-a-glance status updates provide clarity on project completion, trade partner requirements, and document compliance.

Construction closeout software helps track towards completion.

Connect workflows, so you can turnover a project with complete confidence.

Connect turnover and commissioning efforts to other project workflows to create an effective closeout process.

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Connect Documentation

Quickly attach all asset information through a centralized document management repository.

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Record Defects

Document defects by linking to an existing issue or by creating a new one from an asset.

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Complete Inspections

Map checklist templates to asset categories, so you can complete inspections in the field.

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Finish strong with Project Closeout.

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