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Collaboration tools built for the field.

Mobile-first, powerfully simple design to improve collaboration on the construction site and beyond.

Access information anytime, anywhere.

Access all essential construction project information when you’re out in the field and ensure that you are working with the most up-to-date version of drawings.

Easily manage and track issues, RFIs, checklists, submittals, assets – even if you can’t connect to the internet.

Capture everything that matters onsite with mobile tools.

Record your observations onsite in a few quick steps. Whether it’s making markups, uploading a photo, or creating an issue, act immediately and automatically notify project stakeholders, speeding up communication and issue resolution.

site safety issue on a construction app

View designs in context in the field.

Easily access 2D and 3D construction models directly from your mobile device, allowing you to view designs anywhere. Build with confidence by having your project’s full context in your pocket, complete with all construction models.

construction drawings and 3D models in a construction app

All the construction collaboration tools you need, available on mobile.

Access all essential construction field management software directly from your mobile device – online or offline.

Construction photo icon
Photos and Videos on site

Attach photos to checklists, daily reports, issues and RFIs to share information with visual context of the jobsite.

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Construction Issue Management Icon
Centralized Issue Management

Create, assign, and track issues from a central mobile-friendly issue list.

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Asset & Equipment Tracking

Create, assign, and track issues from a central mobile-friendly issue list.

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"It all boils down to workflow: the ability to review drawings quickly and easily, have the markups, have all of your RFIs and submittals, everything linked in."

- Kaitlin Frank, Superintendent at Dome Construction

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Connected Teams

The benefits of collaboration in construction

Check out some of these advantages general contractors and subcontractors can receive by implementing collaboration in the design and preconstruction phases of a project.

Gather team input

Inviting team members with diverse perspectives to collaborate in project planning streamlines issue resolution and helps prevent them before they happen.

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Improve standardization

Connecting teams on a field collaboration platform helps resolve problems crews may face in the field.

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Increase productivity

When projects are completed with higher productivity can have reduced costs allowing contractors to bid more competitively.

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Win more work

By capturing more data on previous projects, specialty contractors can potentially quote on future jobs more accurately.

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Improve construction field management

How to implement new technology

Hear from experts on how a cloud-based platform can help optimize construction project management workflows.

Measure success in construction

Read about the challenges, benefits, and key success factors of construction collaboration.

Collaborate through connected construction

Learn how Cannistraro uses prefabrication to build more efficiently, achieving certainty in cost, schedule, and quality while creating a safer working environment.

Frequently asked questions about construction collaboration software
What is construction collaboration?

Construction collaboration is the act of all project stakeholders – in the field and in the office - working together in the best interest of completing jobs on budget and on schedule.

How do you collaborate with other contractors digitally?

In the architecture, engineering, and construction industries, digital tools provide greater transparency, tighter integration, and increased productivity. Change owners, assigned roles, and responsibilities, and a cloud based platform are key factors in enabling digital collaboration in the project.

Why is collaboration important in construction?

In construction, successful collaboration occurs when teams work together to achieve a common goal. Any construction project, large or small, involves numerous teams and collaborators. A single project involves a wide range of roles and responsibilities, from architects to contractors and subcontractors. If these various players are unable to collaborate, the project will suffer.

What is collaborative procurement in construction?

Collaborative Procurement is an efficient method in which multiple clients, contractors, consultants, or suppliers join forces to procure works, services, materials, or goods, share expertise, promote efficiency, and deliver value for money savings in the delivery of a project (or series of projects) or service objectives.

What collaboration tools does a construction manager use?

Unfortunately, the most common cloud-based construction collaboration tools are email or messaging apps. While they are better than paper-based communication options, they fail to bring information together in context of job requirements, particularly within project management. Centralizing all project information in a purpose-built solution makes it easier to collaborate by keeping stakeholders up to date while managing field needs like RFIs & issues.

How can field collaboration software improve productivity for construction projects?

Collaboration is essential for moving a construction project from estimating to the field. By driving consistency and facilitating collaboration, software platforms can be a real asset to teams in the office and crews in the field. When team members have real-time access to the same information, the process is streamlined and conversations are more productive.