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Conceive and communicate design intent to the project team with clarity

Enable project teams to collaborate on coordinated, shared designs – regardless of location, role, project stage. This results in more accurate, constructable designs and more predictable outcomes.

Design Authoring

Deciding on the right design tools — from initial concept drawings through final construction documents is as much of a design decision as it is a project decision.

Revit and AutoCAD provide easy to use, comprehensive toolkits for every aspect of design, and tight integrations with Autodesk Construction Cloud products help to support project workflows.


Design Collaboration

With a constant flow of design changes, it’s challenging to keep up with what’s current and what’s changed. And missing information, inaccurate designs, and unclear design intent leads to costly RFIs and change orders.

With designers and builders connected and working from the same project data in a controlled environment, better collaboration means less miscommunication, delays and rework downstream.


Deliver projects faster with a portfolio of industry-leading cloud solutions, unparalleled in performance and simplicity.

Connect all of your data and workflows to make decisions more effectively across the project lifecycle.

Design with the power of the cloud

Securely co-author a Revit model in real-time via the cloud, across one firm or multiple firms

Validate constructability during design

Condition the model during design phases to perform change management and identify constructability issues

Involve project stakeholders earlier

Share concept scenarios as views, navigate models, and add markups to gather feedback throughout design