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Share information across projects or accounts .

Improve collaboration, reduce rework, and better control and management of project information.

Share sheets and files.

With the right permissions, easily select any Sheets or Files to share with another project within the same account, or to a project within a different account.


Set up automations.

Ensure all teams have the most up to date versions by setting up and managing automated sheet sharing.


Create direct project linking.

Take information sharing to the next level by connecting stakeholders across accounts, providing contact details for collaborators and make disconnecting and removing automations at the end of a project a one-click process.


See Bridge in action.

Comprehensive field and project management software that delivers a broad, deep and connected set of tools for builders.

Connect decision-makers and construction teams to improve design quality and constructibility from the office to the field.

Win more work with competitive bids that are generated from accurate estimates produced from integrated takeoffs and quantities..