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The information provided in this material, including all product roadmaps and schedules, are not promises and is subject to change. We’re as excited as you to see new functionalities and improvements in our products, but their development, releases, and timing remain at our sole discretion. The information provided here should not be relied upon for purchasing, investment, or other decisions.
Autodesk Construction Cloud Product Roadmap
We are focused on delivering on our promise of a unified platform to help connect teams and project data from design to done—reducing risk, protecting profits, and increasing predictability.
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In Progress
Below is a select list of features we are actively developing. This is our global roadmap, please note that not all features will be available in all regions.
Administration and Project Standardization

Simplifying project and account level settings and arming teams with the tools to streamline project setup and create company-wide standards.

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Notification Enhancements

Autodesk Construction Cloud Project Admins will have greater control over notification setting configurations and project members will have more notification personalization options. Additionally, the email sender name will include project member who initiated the notification.

Bridge and Builder’s Network

When creating a Bridge, Autodesk Construction Cloud users will be able to search the Builder’s Network to locate a recipient’s contact information.

Library Improvements

Autodesk Construction Cloud Account Admins will be able to duplicate an existing Form template in Library.

Multi-Role Assignment in Templates

Autodesk Construction Cloud Account Admins will be able to assign multiple roles to project template members and pending users.

Document Management

Enabling teams to manage document workflows consistently and correctly across the project lifecycle in a single source of truth.

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BuildingConnected File Indicator

Autodesk Docs users will be able to identify the files and folders linked to BuildingConnected.

Construction Management

Empowering teams with robust project management, field execution, cost management, and handover workflows to deliver projects on time and on budget.

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Assets Statistics

Autodesk Build mobile users will get more insight into Assets with the ability to view the status of open assets and the number of open forms and issues associated with an asset.

Export/Import Templates into Assets

Autodesk Build users will be able to export existing Asset project settings from BIM 360 Assets and import into Project Templates in Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Change Order Required Field

Autodesk Build Cost Management users will be able to better understand the impact of change orders upfront by having specific information like schedule change and custom attributes required at submission. Project admins will define the required fields within Cost Management’s settings.

Assign Roles and Companies to Submittals

Autodesk Build users will be able to assign specific Roles to Companies to ‘Ball-in-Court’ fields.

Make Schedule Suggestions on Android

Autodesk Build users will be able to submit change suggestions on a schedule activity. This functionality already exists on the web and iOS.

View and Restore Deleted Issues

Autodesk Build Project Admins will be able to view and restore deleted issues.

Set Issue Type in Forms

Currently, Autodesk Build users can automatically create an Issue from a non-conforming response on a Form. With this release, project administrators will be able to assign an Issue type to that answer in the Form.


Equipping teams with tools that create the common thread of BIM data that flows from one phase to the next.

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Advanced Filters

In the Model Coordination module of Autodesk BIM Collaborate and BIM Collaborate Pro, VDC teams will be able to breakdown their models with custom rule-based filters from a variety of operators and logical combinations. BIM Managers will be able to isolate specific objects within large data sets to use in other workflows.

Bulk User Invite

Assemble users will be able to invite multiple users at once through the Admin area in their Assemble site or by importing the list through a spreadsheet.


Providing teams with best-in-class preconstruction functionality to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and win more work.

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Robust Comparison

Autodesk Takeoff users will be able to visually compare takeoff along with quantities in the inventory when comparing sheets from different snapshots and work in progress within the same takeoff package.

Default Locations

Autodesk Takeoff users will be able to set the default location for specific sheets so each new takeoff performed on that sheet will be automatically assigned to the default location.

Enhancements to BC Pro and Autodesk Docs Integration

BuildingConnected Pro users will be able to create ACC projects faster by utilizing project templates and more.

Permissions and Messaging Enhancements

TradeTapp users will get more control over their permissions as well as improved messaging and commenting between GCs and vendors for better collaboration and communication.

Estimating Enhancements

Estimators leveraging ProEst will have more flexibility in their estimates with the ability to move and add line items, define sort types and edit standard workdays for a given labor type.

Data and Intelligence

Enhancing data visualizations through customizable dashboards, reports, data extraction, and machine learning technology.

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Activity Data in Data Connector

In the Data Connector API, Autodesk Construction Cloud users will be able to access activity data on their Docs-specific workflows, as well as Issues, Account Administration, and Project Administration.

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