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Built to collaborate, from design to done.

Deliver better projects, faster with powerful design collaboration and make it easy for anyone to use and improve models.

Software to drive digital project delivery

Enable architects, engineers, and contractors to easily collaborate to reduce project delivery times with construction design software.

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Improve design collaboration

Reduce the time it takes to deliver projects by co-authoring in real-time and streamlining the review process.

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Streamline design management

Improve operational efficiency, increase transparency, and improve handoff with a simplified and automated data exchange.

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Strengthen data management

Use a centralized document management solution that acts as a single source of truth across the project lifecycle for all project teams.

Deliver projects faster with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Document Management
Design Collaboration

Keep all project data centralized

Maintain all project drawings, models, spec sheets,
and more in one place to move faster and reduce errors.

Real world construction design results

Saved weekly on design coordination

Moving to cloud-based document management lets Oktra complete designs faster.

Reduction in time spent syncing models

Quick model syncing drives collaboration between the field team and the office.

Designer Group
Time savings on report generation

Arcadis uses the custom report builder to deliver exactly what the client needs, quickly.


Revolutionize your construction projects with construction design software.

Built to connect the project, from design to done

As powerful as it is simple, Autodesk Construction Cloud is the construction design software of choice for designers to building operators, and everyone in between.


Build your vision with integrity

Share models and drawings directly from Revit, AutoCAD or other design software. Enable owners to create digital twins to help drive repeat business.

Getting started is easy

Frequently asked questions for Autodesk construction design software

How does construction design software work?

Construction design software incorporates a range of functionalities to aid architects, engineers, and contractors in creating detailed project designs. It typically includes the ability to draft 2D blueprints and develop 3D models, along with tools for planning, estimating, and simulating construction scenarios.

What are the benefits of using construction design software?

Adopting construction design software can revolutionize your workflow with multiple benefits, such as:    

  • Improved Accuracy: Utilize precise tools to minimize errors in measurements and calculations.    
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Share and edit designs in real-time with team members or stakeholders.    
  • Cost Savings: Reduce material waste and mitigate design inefficiencies, ultimately lowering overall project costs.
Can I import existing designs into the software?

Yes, our software supports import functionality from a variety of file formats. Whether you’re working with DWG, DFX, or other common design file types, you can easily integrate previous works into the platform for further development and refinement.

How secure is construction design software in terms of data protection?

Our specialty contractor software is built to optimize and streamline your business processes, from bidding on projects to project completion. It helps you stay organized, improve communication with clients and team members, track progress and costs, manage resources efficiently, and ultimately increase profitability.