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Jit Kee Chin

  • Chief Technology Officer, Suffolk
  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Suffolk Technologies
  • Boston, MA

Meet Jit Kee

Tell me about yourself and what you specialize in. As the Chief Technology Officer of Suffolk Construction and a Co-founder/Managing Partner of Suffolk Technologies, my focus revolves around leveraging technology and data to address intricate operational and business challenges. But at heart, I’m a problem solver and capability builder - I specialize in solving complex business issues by introducing innovative solutions and fostering diverse teams to facilitate their implementation

Why do you love working in the construction industry? I’m passionate about the construction industry and its community. The enduring nature of our work resonates deeply, and knowing that our efforts shape the places where people live, work, and play is incredibly fulfilling. I also love that many of us are deeply pragmatic, and often strongly connected to the communities we serve.

What topics and trends are you most passionate about in the industry? Right now I’m curious about the advancements in Gen AI and robotics, and their potential implications for the industry. The integration of AI has the potential to streamline and automate repetitive computer-based tasks, thereby enhancing employee engagement. Robotics holds similar promise for automating physical tasks, further optimizing workflows. The synergistic application of these technologies could elevate the quality of work and the work experience, while also offering solutions to the prevailing labor shortage within the industry.

What advice would you give to the next generation preparing for the future of the industry? Be curious and seek excellence. Lean forward to try new tools and techniques, but remain true to the goal – building better, faster, cheaper, with high quality and safety. Step up to lead the change – because dreams can be maps, but you need enough people to dream it together.


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