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Construction Project Management Software

Streamline workflows. Manage your construction project.

Configurable construction project management workflows meet your team’s needs, connect the office and field, and keep your project on track.

Keep construction projects on track.

Gain real-time access to the latest schedule. Bring the schedule from Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, or ASTA Powerproject into Autodesk Build so all project stakeholders can access and collaborate on the schedule data.  
Do more with schedule data. Leverage custom views and filters to sort through thousands of activities. Using the Cost Management integration, pull schedule data into Cost Management to connect cost to time and more accurately forecast cash flow.

Construction Project Management Software for Construction RFIs

Centralize project correspondence.

Improve collaboration, retain project data, and organize project information with centralized project correspondence.  
Maintain a continuous record of all project information. Easily import existing correspondence into Autodesk Construction Cloud and link to relevant project information like Files, Sheets, RFIs, and much more.

Construction Project Management Software for Construction RFIs

Seamlessly manage RFIs.

Designate clear project responsibilities for each step of the RFI process to improve communication, create accountability, and efficiently manage your construction project RFIs through resolution.  
Do more than just manage RFIs, connect them across the project lifecycle. Link RFIs to other tasks. Escalate Issues to RFIs project management workflows and reduce the risk of data loss.

Construction Project Management Software for Construction RFIs

Extract critical project requirements.

Reduce risk and streamline construction projects with automatic submittal logs generation.  
Reduce manual workflows and generate an ultra-accurate submittal log in minutes. Leverage powerful AI to identify missing submittal items before they are costly errors.

AutoSpecs Automatic submittal log generator conceptual image

Simplify submittals.

Efficiently coordinate and manage all construction submittals in a single submittal log. Quickly move submittals through the review process, with actionable responses.  
Initiate submittal requests, manage your construction project reviews and approvals, and access approved submittal information from your mobile device. This streamlines the process, increases visibility, and provides field teams with immediate access to the information they need for effective construction project management.

Centralize meetings.

Improve team coordination and project management with centralized construction meeting minutes.  
Effortlessly manage your construction project meeting minutes. Gain clear visibility into commitments made, link to essential references, and keep an organized history of all meeting records. With all necessary information at your fingertips, meetings are effortless, productive, and collaborative.

Construction Project Management Software for construction meeting minutes

Connected construction project workflows simplify collaboration between stages and teams

Cost, quality, schedule, and safety managed together from design to turnover. In the office or at the job site, leverage construction project management software and help centralize collaboration, data, and insights to bring teams together, drive productivity, and reduce risk.

Construction Issue to RFI
Elevate an Issue to an RFI

Create an RFI directly from an Issue, reducing duplicate data entry and creating a bi-directional link between the two records.

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Construction Meeting Minutes
Link References to Meetings

Increase visibility to critical information by attaching documents and drawings. Even link issues and RFIs directly to meeting items.

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Construction Progress Tracking
Track Progress with Markups

Connect the field and office. Arm field teams with the ability to track progress directly in sheets, from their mobile device.

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Frequently Asked Questions about construction project management software.
What is construction project management software?

Construction project management software tracks and improves cost, quality, schedule and safety initiatives, managed together from design to turnover. It centralizes collaboration, data and insights to drive productivity and reduce risk for construction projects of all types and sizes.

Who uses construction project management software?

Owners, general contractors, specialty contractors, and other construction professionals use construction project management software across industries such as Industrial, Infrastructure, Institutional, and Commercial to improve cost and reduce risk.

Why use construction project management software?

Construction project management software helps construction teams collaborate, share data and information, and streamline workflows to increase project efficiency and reduce cost and risk.

What to look for in construction management software?

If you’re searching for construction management software that ticks all the boxes, you’ll love this helpful guide of what to look for.

Connected: Everything in One Place Collaborative: Made for Teams Intuitive: Built for People Scalable: Grows with You

Read more about what to look for in construction project management software on our blog.

What is Autodesk Construction Cloud?

Autodesk Construction Cloud connects teams and project data from design to done—reducing risk, protecting profits, and increasing predictability. And we, at Autodesk, need to deliver tools to achieve this: solutions that reduce risk, help deliver projects faster and drive a more sustainable, safe, and efficient industry. With Autodesk Build,Autodesk BIM Collaborate, Autodesk Docs and Autodesk Takeoff . We’ve brought together the most powerful portfolio of construction management software products in the industry.

Why choose Autodesk Construction Cloud?

Autodesk Construction Cloud has all-new, powerfully simple tools to collaborate on construction projects securely from a single login. Autodesk Build, Takeoff, BIM Collaborate and Docs connect teams, workflows and data from design through operations. With Autodesk Docs software as the Common Data Environment, you can publish directly to Autodesk Build. Autodesk Docs provides rich, configurable approval workflows making it easy to ensure that construction plans and data are accurate from design to turnover. Autodesk Construction Cloud construction management software delivers actionable and predictive insights natively for construction projects. And when you need additional controls, Data Connector makes it easy to bridge project data and your managed data warehouse.

What are some features of construction project management software?

Key features of construction project management software make project work easier.

  1. Document and Storage Management
  2. Field Workflows - Issue Management, Forms, Photos
  3. Project Management - RFIs, Submittals, Schedules, Meeting Minutes
  4. Asset Management
  5. Cost Management - Project Budgets and Costs, Change Order Management, Forecasting
Can Autodesk Construction Cloud help with real-time project management?

Yes. Construction professionals using Single Sign On (SSO) with Autodesk Construction Cloud can reference the in-field, real-time worker data side-by-side with other critical construction project management information. This offers greater oversight of essential metrics like site performance, risks, and workflow progress. 

Can Autodesk Construction Cloud integrate with other project management software products?

Most construction professionals recognize the importance of integration. Autodesk Construction Cloud supports integrations with common construction Enterprise resource planning (ERPs) and SaaS tools used by accounting teams.

How do licensing and fees work for Autodesk Construction Cloud?

In Autodesk Construction Cloud, an account can only provide access based on the number of licenses they have purchased. Alternatively, a user can be invited to a project and be asked to purchase her or his own license to contribute.