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BIM Coordination

Reduce rework with simple coordination tools for all

Better equip project teams to run efficient coordination with easy-to-learn BIM tools and automatic clash detection.

Simple automation, when time is not on your side.

Delivering quality projects on-time and under budget can be difficult. Catching errors early saves construction teams from time consuming changes downstream. Automatic Clash Detection makes it easy for the entire project team, from architects and engineers to the seasoned BIM manager, to catch, clear, and resolve clashes before they become a problem.

Clash detection feature highlighting constructibility issues in construction software.

Issues managed in the tools used everyday.

Issue management should be a collaborative and transparent process, but a lack of access to real-time issues can quickly weaken the accountability across teams and diminish project quality.  
Issues in Autodesk Construction Cloud enable teams to identify, assign and resolve issues in the tools they use every day. Collaboration can take place at any time during coordination, accelerating the delivery of quality construction projects.

Schematic of construction issue overlain on a known issue that needs to be resolved through construciton model coordination.

Share federated models with the field.

Stay connected in each stage of the construction lifecycle with enhanced model viewing on mobile—improving communication and collaboration between office and field.  
When BIM Managers share multi-trade models with teams in the field, Superintendents and Project Engineers have the context they need to make critical decisions faster.


Always work from the latest model.

Without access to the latest model changes, BIM teams can waste hours and increase the likelihood of errors.

Working off the latest model should be automatic. With BIM coordination, it is. As design and trade teams upload new models to the coordination space, the most recent model and its previous versions are instantly available to anyone viewing or running clash detection.

Construction model coordination enables team members from across the construction team to work together on the same model with latest changes. Image of team contributors that access the same model.

Collaborate with Revit and Navisworks users.

Staying connected to changes made to the model can save hours in coordination. That’s why closing the loop between design and construction teams is so essential. Managers can ensure their design and trade teams can collaborate all the way to issue resolution.

Because issues identified during coordination are shared between Navisworks and Revit, teams can quickly resolve these issues and get to a constructible model faster.

Construction issue overlain over Navisworks issues.

Centralize project correspondence.

Improve collaboration, retain project data, and organize project information with centralized project correspondence.  
Maintain a continuous record of all project information. Easily import existing correspondence into Autodesk Construction Cloud and link to relevant project information like Files, Issues, and much more.

Construction Project Management Software for Construction RFIs

Centralize meetings.

Improve team coordination and project management with centralized construction meeting minutes.  
Effortlessly manage your construction project meeting minutes. Gain clear visibility into commitments made, link to essential references, and keep an organized history of all meeting records. With all necessary information at your fingertips, meetings are effortless, productive, and collaborative.

Construction Project Management Software for construction meeting minutes

Simplify the BIM workflow between design and construction.

Centralize Project Documents

Managers can ensure teams are always collaborating and using the most up-to-date design data within a common data environment.

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Proactive Quality Management

Gain visibility into all project issues and resolve them earlier. Reduce costly rework and keep projects on schedule.

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Design Collaboration

Turn design documentation into a robust, project-based record to streamline data sharing between internal or external project teams.

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"Due to BIM coordination and multi-discipline collaboration, our project was delivered with less than 1% rework—on a typical job, we expect to have between 8% to 10% rework."


Get started with Model Coordination.

Leverage Deep Integrations

Bring together coordination and issue tracking workflows, allowing project teams to leverage the best functionality from each product.

Cloud-based Collaboration

Creating greater transparency to resolve clashes quickly to deliver a complex psychiatric hospital on time and budget.

Benefits of Centralized Meeting Minutes

Improve team coordination and project tracking and provide clear visibility into the commitments made with centralized meeting minutes.