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Cost Management

Connect and improve cost management.

Improve cost control, gain real-time visibility of cost-related risks, and forecast accurately by centralizing all cost activities in the cloud and within the context of the project.

Improve cost control.

Increase transparency and improve construction cost control by centralizing all cost information on a single platform.

Keep the right information in the right hands through tight permission controls of each component within the system. Add owners and suppliers into the system to enhance collaboration and streamline construction workflows.

Construction cost management software for cost budgeting

Streamline cost workflows.

Improve communication across stakeholders and ensure nothing slips through the cracks by managing all cost activities in the cloud.

Streamline upstream and downstream change order workflows, for clear accountability and visibility of impact on the overall budget. Effortlessly manage incremental payment applications and expenses and utilize actual construction cost data for more accurate forecasting.

Construction cost management software for change orders

Accurately forecast risk.

Centralize all cost management activities in the cloud to give an accurate view of each project’s financial health and a real-time picture of cost-related risks.

Make accurate forecasts based on the latest data. Enhance the reliability of cash flow and profitability projections.

Construction cost management software for construction cost forecasting

Configure cost features.

Configurable features allow you to customize the software to suit your needs and preferences. Tailor terminology to align with company standards, set up custom budget structures that work with any accounting system, and create custom calculated budget columns.

Also, leverage rule-based approval workflows and create custom document templates to auto-generate contracts and process changes.

Configureable construction cost management software

Connected cost workflows reduce data loss and increase access to critical information.

Improve cost control by managing cost activities in the software used for project management and field activities, streamlining workflows and connecting data.

Construction Change Order
Create a PCO from a RFI

Create a Potential Change Order directly from an RFI, reducing data entry and capturing the origin of change orders.

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Construction Meeting Minutes
Link Cost Items in Meetings

Link change orders directly to meeting items to improve the visibility and accessibility of critical information.

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Access to construction cost information
Access Cost Information

Role-based permission settings let you control how owners and suppliers view cost management items.

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Improve construction cost control.

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