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Vcad Integration

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Integration forBIM 360
Vcad for Bim360 - Autodesk Bim360 and Power BI intergation
Works with:BIM 360 Docs
The Integration

To access the trial version of Vcad, simply enable the app as described in the instructions, then login to the application using your Autodesk credentials. The trial version will allow you to use all the features of Vcad for 10 days.

Vcad a method of integration between Autodesk BIM 360® Document Management and Microsoft Power BI, that allows the easy and immediate creation of reports and dashboards, using the data and graphic elements of your BIM files.


  • Atomatic creation of Power BI reports and dashboards.
  • Extraction of data from Ifc, Revit and Navisworks files and importing into Power BI templates.
  • Ability to create Power BI templates based on customer needs.
  • Automatic generation of Power BI reports to compare different Bim files versions.


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CONTAKT uses VCAD to bring transparency to the construction site, displaying construction progress and construction performance in real time, with excellent results in terms of usability and reliability.

- Manuel Kraus

Thoroughly enjoyed using this Vcad BIM service! Great functionality and easy to navigate with many unique features.

- Mohammad Alaaeldin

My role in projects is to assist the BIM team with expertise and guidance. With large complex projects, it is difficult to keep track of all models and properties in the models. By using Vcad with PowerBI this changes. Everyone in the BIM team and everyone else who wants insight in model can easily do it in PowerBI without other expensive BIM licenses. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER.

- Omar Manaf