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SmartPM Integration

Automated Project Controls™ & Best-In-Class Schedule Analytics
SmartPM leverages your current CPM scheduling software and data to give construction executives and site teams comprehensive reports and analytics to enhance schedule quality, assess risk, review performance and control project outcomes.
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Autodesk SmartPM Overview
The Integration

SmartPM’s best in class analytics give you the ability to quickly assess critical factors driving your projects, allowing you more time to focus on proactive project management and risk mitigation.

SmartPM provides real-time insights into your entire project portfolio. SmartPM utilizes graphic visualization to transform complex schedule data into accurate and concise reporting of key factors driving construction projects.


  • Elevated Project Performance - Unlock powerful data to monitor performance across entire portfolio
  • Gain Visibility - utilize advanced graphic visualization to bring schedule data to life
  • Reduce Risk - make informed decisions to reduce schedule delays, cost overruns, claims, and disputes
  • Cut Cost - Eliminate time-consuming manual processes by automating your schedule analysis


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"SmartPM helps create more time to consume the schedule, in lieu of focusing on the process to produce the schedule. It refocuses our energy on what’s needed."

- Tom Carolan, Barton Malow

"It all goes back to how the product analyzes data. No one else examines the data the way SmartPM does."  

- Ranjeet Gadhoke, Zachry Construction

“If you could see a wreck coming from 500 feet instead of 50 feet to stop, you will be in better shape. That’s what SmartPM does.”

- Joe Mannon, Manhattan Construction