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Revizto Integration

Revizto is created by Vizerra SA and began developing real-time issue tracker for the AEC industry in 2008. The focus of Revizto is to provide a BIM collaboration platform for 3D and 2D workflows that enables users to work and communicate with all project stakeholders in a unified environment.
Revizto Docs- Integration with BIM360
Works with:BIM 360 Docs
The Integration

The Documents is a brand new section of Revizto app. It provides direct access to project files stored on major CDEs like BIM 360, so users can work with their live documentation seamlessly from inside Revizto.

Revizto is a real-time issue tracker for AEC industry with a focus on collaboration and BIM project coordination.


  • View files from BIM 360 inside Revizto
  • Attach BIM 360 documents to issues
  • Link sheets to CDE-hosted PDFs to see the actual version with no need to re-export
  • Make selected documents available offline for on-site work


Technology built byVizerra SA


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We use Revizto on our projects because it’s simple, easy to use and cost-effective for delivering and ensuring collaboration and coordination of all of our large projects throughout Australasia.  

- Jason Howden, Warren & Mahoney

One tool we have adopted is Revizto, a program that enables web-based digital red lines. It digitizes a manual task already embedded in our workflow, so it was easy to substitute one for another.   

- Jason Santeford, Stantec

Revizto is a trusted tool used during our pre-construction & construction phase planning and coordination. Revizto enables tracking, understanding, collaboration and accountability during and after coordination.  

- Matthew L. Baker, PJ Dick Construction