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Pype Integration

Pype provides innovative construction software solutions that enable project teams to start projects faster and finish stronger. Using our patent-pending software, Pype automates submittal log generation along with your project closeout processes using machine learning.
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Works with:BIM 360 Docs
The Integration

Easily transfer existing Pype™AutoSpecs documents into BIM 360 Docs. This application transfers files between Pype™AutoSpecsand Autodesk® BIM 360®, including BIM 360 Docs.

Transfer Pype™ AutoSpecs files directly into Autodesk BIM 360. 


  • Allows users to generate their submittal register in minutes
  • Import submittal register directly into BIM 360
  • Seamlessly maintain and manage your submittal register via Pype and BIM 360


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I’m currently working through all our companies workflows and out of all the data applications I have worked with, I just can’t beat Pype. Data for data sake is just data. It has to tangible/usable/visual... you guys have nailed it.

- Forrest Huff,  Korsmo Construction, Inc.

The team thought that Pype was a more robust platform overall. AutoSpecs was a mature solution with a company hyperfocused on machine learning and accuracy.

- David Burns, McCarthy Building Companies

Pype AutoSpecs has helped us standardize our submittal management process faster than we ever thought possible. What took weeks, now takes minutes. As an enterprise client, we benefit from using AutoSpecs from Precon to Closeout to quickly digest and consistently execute on all project requirements.

- Brad Wagner, Okland Construction Company