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Plannerly - The BIM Management Platform Integration

Plannerly - The BIM Management Platform
Plannerly simplifies BIM management by consolidating BIM standards, modeling requirements, project tracking and BIM compliance.
For BIM Managers, it’s a constant challenge to get all companies to agree on BIM requirements - Plannerly makes this simple. Read more: 
Plannerly - Plan Module - for BIM Execution Planning
Plannerly - Plan Module - for BIM Execution Planning
Plannerly - Scope Module - for BIM Requirements Scoping
Plannerly - Schedule Module - for BIM scheduling
Plannerly - Track Module - for simple BIM project updates
Plannerly - Verify Module - for model checking and BIM compliance
Works with:BIM 360 Docs
The Integration

Plannerly- The BIM Management Platform + BIM 360 is a more simple approach to create critical project plans and scopes in a way that teams can understand, customers can agree to and models can be verified against the original requirements. The result of this integration is happier BIM teams.

Plannerly simplifies BIM execution planning (BEPs), BIM management and BIM compliance.


  • Simplifies BIM Management
  • Creates BIM Execution Plans From Free BEP Templates
  • Scopes BIM Requirements That Everyone Understands
  • Simple eSignature workflow for BIM Contracts
  • Verifies BIM Deliverables Against BIM Requirements


Technology built byPlannerly - The BIM Management Platform


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Plannerly accelerated our standards creation and virtually eliminated the burden to get updates to end users.  

- John Russo - USIBD

Plannerly makes our conversations easier, it makes buy in easier, it’s a great basis of conversation and agreement.  

- Jeff Thompson - Broward County

We use Plannerly for every proposal!

- Steve Germano - MSA Engineering