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Oracle® Aconex to PlanGrid Integration Integration

Oracle® Aconex to PlanGrid Integration
BIMLauncher provides integration services that enable construction customers project information to be shared amongst its construction platform partners through its data integration technology software, BIMLauncher.
Integration forPlanGrid
Aconex _ PlanGrid V2_1
The Integration

When using Aconex and PlanGrid together on a project, transferring project data manually is time consuming, costly, and error prone.
BIMLauncher supports your project team’s work by seamlessly transferring project data (documents & drawings/sheets) with no more manual data management required.

BIMLauncher Integration to Oracle® Aconex for Autodesk PlanGrid seamlessly transfers project data from Aconex to PlanGrid. 


  • Supports use for one time data transfer or continuous data transfer
  • Maximises compatibility of data with PlanGrid native tools
  • Ensures integrity of project data between platforms


Technology built byBIMLauncher Ltd.


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