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HoloBuilder, Inc. is a San Francisco-based construction technology company that designs, develops, and sells enterprise SaaS software. HoloBuilder offers AI-powered, enterprise-ready 360° reality capturing solutions for progress analysis and project management.
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1 - HoloBuilder & Autodesk BIM 360 Integration
BIM360 Docs File Import
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2 - SpotWalk BIM360 Field Issue with 360 Markup
Works with:BIM 360 Build, BIM 360 Docs
The Integration

The HoloBuilder integration for Autodesk® BIM 360® Docs and Field Management Next-Gen combines AI-based 360° reality capture with document and issue management. Import floor plans & images from BIM 360 Docs into HoloBuilder and create interlinked BIM 360 Field Issues in 360° photos via 360 Markups.

HoloBuilder is the fastest & most insightful solution to document construction progress with 360° image technology and analyze it with AI.


  • Create HoloBuilder projects based on BIM 360 projects.
  • Import floor plans and images from BIM 360 Docs into HoloBuilder.
  • Create BIM 360 Field Issues in HoloBuilder as 360 Markups and sync them with your BIM 360 account.
  • Create BIM 360 Field Issues that are interlinked with 360º pictures in HoloBuilder.
  • View 360° images on your BIM 360 Project Home screen with the HoloBuilder Partner Card.


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HoloBuilder has enhanced the way I capture construction progress by creating a platform that is easy to organize and helps minimize the time I spend in the field recognizing issues and general work-related conditions.

- Carolina, Field Engineer

We used to capture pictures; with HoloBuilder we capture progress.

- Ashley, BIM Coordinator

We are thrilled to have HoloBuilder, a leader in 360° reality capture, serve as an inaugural member of the Connect & Construct Exchange, HoloBuilder's seamless integration with Autodesk's BIM 360 construction management platform is another example of how partnerships like these will make construction safer, simpler, and smarter.

- Sarah Hodges, Director of Construction