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GAMMA Technologies provides solutions for information management and automation for the construction industry. By creating products that bring information intuitively to the site and back, GAMMA Technologies creates the information entry points for reality based automation of the built environment.
Integration forBIM 360
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The Integration

GAMMA AR enables BIM360 users to utilize augmented reality to bring BIM information to the construction site in an intuitively way and to collect precise information. Issues and RFIs created by GAMMA AR can then be managed in BIM360.

GAMMA AR overlays 3D BIM Models on the construction site to prevent errors and connect the office with the site to seamlessly communicate information requests, Issues and progress reports.


  • The Integration allows BIM360 users to utilize GAMMA AR to overlay BIM models with Augmented Reality
  • The integration synchronizes GAMMA AR issues with BIM360.
  • The integration allows to use models from BIM360 in GAMMA AR.


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The Gamma AR app is a great tool for efficient and speedy inspection and defect reporting on the construction site.

- Roland Frank, Construction Site Manager

For me as a BIM Manager, it is particularly important that the BIM models from the design phase can be easily used live on site. GAMMA AR allows the BIM process to be extended to the construction site and also allows data to flow back. In this way we avoid mistakes and time-consuming manual rework.

- Oliver Philips, BIM Manager, PORR AG