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With over 18 years of experience in helping companies unlock hidden value between multiple applictions, Morpheus Technology Group (MTG) provides a Dynamic Integration solution that connects and optimizes ERP, PPM and other mission critical construction applications.
Integration forBIM 360
Works with:BIM 360 Cost Management
The Integration

For over 20 years we've connected the applications that build the world. 

  • Only focused on integrating solutions for construction management
  • Not a static and rigid data exchange; automated & seamless
  • Focused on client's business processes and configured to the way they run their organization

Provides a highly confirgurable integration platform between Build/BIM360 and all construction ERPs including Oracle, Sage, Vista, Spectrum and others.  Provides a platform for other products like timekeeping, estimating and scheduling too.


  • Reduce Redundancy -- avoid duplicate, manual data entry and the associated errors
  • Lower Costs -- produce reports 75% quicker to avoid wasting hours of a PM’s time
  • Decide Quickly -- have accurate daily job cost information for labor, material, subs and misc. costs
  • Lower Risk -- reduce change order processing time to 25%
  • Heighten Visibility -- gain insight into new sources of information from ERP, PPM, CRM, etc. systems
  • This integration works with Autodesk Build modules of Cost as well as BIM 360 modules


Technology built byMorpheus Technology Group


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Our integration would not have been completed as efficiently or successfully without our partners, Morpheus and Autodesk. We all had vested interests in connecting these tools and by leveraging each of our strengths, we achieved what some may consider impossible— connecting accounting with operations.

- Dane Pemberton, Tech Mgr, BL Harbert

Morpheus’ integration platform enables our Build and BIM 360 clients to seamlessly connect to ERPs and other applications — without having to change their existing workflows — to eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce time-lags and minimize risks from erroneous information.

- Ian Turner, Prod. Mgr. BIM 360, Autdesk