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With over 18 years of experience in helping companies unlock hidden value between multiple applictions, Morpheus Technology Group (MTG) provides a Dynamic Integration solution that connects and optimizes ERP, PPM and other mission critical construction applications.
Integration forBIM 360
Works with:Cost Management
The Integration

For over 18 years we've connected the applications that build the world. 

  • Pre-build, enterprise-grade adapters for 15+ ERP & PPM solutions
  • Easily and quickly configure existing and new business processes
  • Self Service, no coding, and an intuitive UI enables rapid changes

Provides Dynamic Integration between BIM360 Cost Management and all construction ERPs including Oracle, Sage, Vista, Spectrum and others.


  • Reduce Redundancy -- avoid duplicate, manual data entry and the associated errors
  • Lower Costs -- produce reports 75% quicker to avoid wasting hours of a PM’s time
  • Decide Quickly -- have accurate daily job cost information for labor, material, subs and misc. costs
  • Lower Risk -- reduce change order processing time to 25%
  • Heighten Visibility -- gain insight into new sources of information from ERP, PPM, CRM, etc. systems


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