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EarthCam is the global leader in providing webcam content, technology and services, live streaming video, time-lapse construction cameras and photography documentation for corporate and government clients around the world.
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The Integration

EarthCam’s integration allows users to send high-quality construction camera content, embedded with jobsite data, to the BIM 360 platform. The content is easy to analyze and is available for instant sharing, empowering teams with the necessary information to make important jobsite decisions.

Merge real-time webcam imagery with Autodesk platforms to create new intelligent perspectives of jobsites. Combine high-quality construction cameras and 360° and create a cohesive library of live and saved imagery in relation to your 3D Model.


  • View high-quality construction camera content and 360° VR photography within BIM 360
  • Highlight changes and call out areas of interest on photos with image comparison and markup tools
  • Analyze jobsite environmental data collected by data sensors for further intelligence reporting
  • Download and share gigapixel panoramas, videos and time-lapse movies for detailed progress insight
  • One central interface for easy and efficient content management, organization and team collaboration
  • Share information across your organization to add value & support a lean project management process


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“EarthCam is taking full advantage of the power of the Forge Viewer by integrating an array of photographic imagery, the relationship between Autodesk and EarthCam is creating new innovative and valuable insights that enable VDC teams to make better more timely decisions that eliminate mistakes, reduce costs, keep projects on schedule and improve the safety of the construction site for everyone.”

- Jim Quanci, Senior Director, Autodesk