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The Datum360 Connected Data Platform provides an intelligent way to manage your Engineering Information and Asset Management data requirements. It connects all of your systems, providing a trusted data backbone, allowing your people and teams to collaborate effortlessly. 
Integration forBIM 360
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Works with:BIM 360 Build, BIM 360 Docs
The Integration

100% configurable data backbone to manage Engineering information for assets
Integrates with content published in BIM 360 Docs, provides visualisation with Forge Viewer 
Interact between your models & your data to drive collaboration & assure integrity of data
Works with Field for capture of field data

The trusted data backbone for your digital twin


  • DOCS: PIM360 acts as the trusted data backbone and provides data centric access to BIM 360 Docs
  • DOCS: PIM360 provides the engineering data to accompany your BIM 360 Docs
  • DOCS: PIM360 + BIM 360 Docs + Forge Viewer delivers your digital twin!
  • FIELD: BIM 360 Field provides bi-directional field data capture for your engineering information
  • FIELD: Enriches the PIM360 data backbone with field photographs
  • FIELD: PIM360 can pre-populate the Field packages with approved/known data


Technology built byDatum360


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We have been greatly impressed by the speed in which Datum360 deployed the system.

- BP Project Information Manager

Datum360 is providing us with a solution to integrate diverse sources of technical information.

- South32 Worsley Alumina Superintendent

Datum360 Software is allowing us to break down data silos, allowing our data to be shared in a trusted, integrated environment.

- ICL, Boulbly Mine Head of Technical