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CamDo Construction Camera
Since 2013, CamDo has provided thousands of solutions for general contractors, developers and photographers all over the world save money and time by capturing high-quality imagery with a simple connected workflow. 
CloudX - PlanGrid and BIM360 Integration
Works with:BIM 360 Docs
The Integration

Seamless integration into the BIM360 platform increases visibility and reduces the workload to get timely visual data.
All of your CamDo captured photos are available as a document within the BIM360 environment to feed into your existing workflows.
Sync footage from CamDo CloudX to BIM 360.

Timelapse photography using GoPro cameras.
Upload photos captured with your CamDo Construction Camera from BIM 360.


  • Capture photos on your construction site.
  • Create time lapse videos.
  • Upload photos from CamDo CloudX platform to BIM 360.


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