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BIMSearch Integration

Founded by leading BIM managers and engineers, AMECTech benefits from years of experience with BIM in the AEC industry. We combine our tech knowledge with experience on site to constantly develop apps that get the most out of BIM, in practice. 
Integration forBIM 360
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Works with:BIM 360 Docs
The Integration

BIMSearch visually connects the quantity data of a building and the model. All you have to do is select your search fields or use a predefined search template, and BIMSearch does the rest. The results are highlighted on the model and listed in a table that can be exported to Excel.

BIMSearch is an easy-to-use app that makes BIM accessible to everyone. It is an interactive viewer for any model saved in Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Build or BIM 360, making all the data available in just one click.


  • Makes BIM accessible for everyone
  • Provides a clear overview of your project
  • Easily calculates quantities
  • Removes need to open large files


Technology built byAMECTech


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Quotation mark

 “A very simple and useful everyday tool”

- Nadav Gadish, Architect, Seagate

“A real valuable tool for every construction stakeholder”

- Ami Gilad, VP Execution, Shikun & Binuy

“Great BIM tool which saves time and increases efficiency”

- Moriah Attar Citron, Dan Ben Amram