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Facilitate, control, and automate document approval reviews.

Reduce risk and rework, and ensure the team is working off the latest information with approval workflows. Review, comment on, and approve drawings, models, or documents with configurable and collaborative tools.

Keep teams in sync.

Increase communication with all stakeholders. Email notifications to reviewers when it’s their turn to review or to update project members.


Streamlining the Construction Approval Process.

Choose between one to five step configurable approval workflows, ensuring a controlled document distribution process. Automate the review process and ensure all stakeholders review. Leverage templates to save set-up time and quickly initiate new reviews.


Increase approval transparency.

When reviewing, choose between “approve,” “approve with comment and/or markups,” or “reject.” Project members can reference the review log for updates or to view comments and markups.

Key Features of Construction Approval Software
Document Management

With a centralized document repository, everyone involved in the project can easily access necessary documents at any time. This ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page and have access to the most up-to-date information.

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Workflow Automation

Another crucial aspect of construction approval software is its ability to automate workflows. This means that instead of manually tracking and managing the approval process, the software can automatically route documents to the appropriate parties for review and approval.

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Real-time Tracking

Construction projects are often complex and involve multiple stakeholders. Keeping track of where each document is in the approval process can be a challenge. That's where real-time tracking comes in.

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Mobile Access

Construction approval software offers mobile access, allowing users to review and approve documents on-the-go. This means that even when you are out of the office or on a job site, you can still stay connected and keep the approval process moving forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Construction Approval Software.

What is construction approval software?

Construction approval software is designed to streamline and automate the process of obtaining approvals for a construction project. It helps manage all the necessary documents, communication with stakeholders, and tracking of progress, making the approval process more efficient and organized.

What are the benefits of utilizing construction approval software?

Using construction approval software can save time and reduce errors in the approval process. It also allows for better communication between all parties involved, improving collaboration and transparency. Additionally, it provides a centralized platform for tracking approvals and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Who can benefit from using construction approval software?

Construction companies, project managers, contractors, architects, and engineers can all benefit from using our construction approval software. It is especially useful for larger projects with multiple stakeholders and complex approval processes.

How does construction approval software work?

Construction approval software typically works by allowing users to upload documents and create workflows for approvals. Stakeholders are notified of pending approvals and can review and approve documents online. The software also tracks the status of approvals and sends reminders for overdue tasks.

Is construction approval software customizable?

Yes, our construction approval software offers customization options to fit the specific needs of a project or company. This can include custom workflows, branding, and integration with other tools and software.

How much does construction approval software cost?

The cost of construction approval software varies depending on the features and number of users needed. Visit our pricing page or get in touch with sales to learn more.

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