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Improve model quality with clash workflows.

Ensure that the highest-quality designs make it to the site and reduce rework for both preconstruction and construction teams. Detect and review clashes and collaborate all in one place.

Automate clash detection.

Help stakeholders save time with automated clash detection. As soon as multi-discipline, multi-format models are uploaded into Model Coordination, clashes are detected automatically. Teams can now focus on the most important constructability issues.


Qualify clashes.

Easily turn clashes into issues with the “create issue” workflow in Model Coordination. Review clashes automatically grouped by system, object type, or layer, and easily focus on those most important to you or your team. Classify a clash as either “issue” or “not an issue” as you review team comments along with multi-contextual models.


Supercharge collaboration.

Assign owner by peer, role(s) or company. Track accountability with assigned due dates, and identify unresolved issues quickly before handoff.


See Clash Detection in action.

Connect decision-makers and construction teams to manage design reviews and automate model coordination with trades. Improve design quality and constructibility from the office to the field.