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BlackSmithSoft provides a cloud-based platform that combines all project-essential elements in one place including BIM models, schedules, bill of quantity, costs, budgets, documents, field progress, and dashboard reporting.
Integration forBIM 360
Power Search Overview
Power Search - Main search screen
Power Search - Results screen within PS
Works with:Docs
The Integration

Integrated with BIM 360 Docs, the application allows users to do multi-criteria searches for files based on name, version, date, created by, created on, last modified, last modified by, and file type. Files are retrieved in a clickable list. Lists can also be exported to Microsoft® Excel.

Power Search for Autodesk® BIM 360® extends the file searching and location capabilities of BIM 360.


  • Links to BIM 360 Docs and allows users to do multi-criteria and advanced searches.
  • Files listed in search results can be directly downloaded or opened in BIM 360.
  • Search results can be exported to Microsoft® Excel for easier sorting and reviewing.


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Quotation mark

“With many documents being uploaded, revised and distributed through our BIM 360 system on a daily basis and across 3 time zones, we wanted to help our teams locate files by dates, users, versions and other key variables. We chose Power Search as we saw it fitting very well with our overall document workflow and our remote work requirements. Plus, it was easy to use.”

- Rachad Dernaika, Pegel Chairman