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Construction Submittal Template: Download



Submittal Template 

Organization is key to running this process smoothly. Without it, the thousands of documents involved and the many layers that comprise a construction project can quickly become overwhelming and disjointed. This is why having a comprehensive submittal log is critical. The submittal log tracks every document on the project and is used as a record to confirm the design team has approved every item. A good submittal log should at a minimum include the following: 

  • Specification section number/name/subsection: Where the requirement came from
  • Title/description: Submittal name and a short description of the request
  • Submittal type: what type of information is being requested (e.g shop drawings vs. samples)
  • Priority: request/approval urgency 
  • Responsible contractor: Who will be providing the information
  • Submittal manager: Who is responsible for submitting the item for review
  • Submittal reviewer: Who will be approving the information
  • Required date: When the submittal is due from the responsible contractor 
  • Required approval date: when the reviewer must approve the submittal by