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Best Practices to Successfully Integrate your ERP and Cost Management Systems

Why integrate your accounting and operations systems? To save time, enhance collaboration, and gain real-time visibility into project financial health. Integrations between project management solutions and ERP/accounting systems can simplify financial management, fieldwork, and everything in between. By combining the power of project management and cost control tools, teams can have a solution that meets the requirements of everyone involved in a construction project. But what exactly do these integrations look like? And how can you prepare for a successful integration? In this webinar, Heather Soderquist, VP of Construction Innovation at Jacobsen Construction, and product experts from Morpheus Technology Group and Autodesk Construction Cloud come together to discuss:

  • The benefits of integrating accounting and operations systems

  • The different types of ERP/accounting integrations available

  • Best practices to get integration-ready and how to overcome roadblocks

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