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2021 Autodesk Construction Outlook

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2021 Autodesk Construction Outlook: Risks & Opportunities

Uncover the biggest areas of risk and opportunity for your construction business in our new report. 


Get everything you need to successfully navigate the year ahead. 

Created in partnership with Edward R. Zarenski from Construction Analytics, this report combines external economic data with Autodesk’s own aggregated, anonymized product data to uncover the evolving state of the industry. 

For instance, what does the bidding activity from Autodesk’s Builders Network of over 1 million construction professionals say about subcontractor backlog? How does the volume of RFIs and change orders on a project affect its success?

In the report, we evaluate the top risks and opportunities for construction professionals in several key areas, including:  

  • Growth
  • Health & Safety
  • Labor
  • Supply Chain
  • Design 

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