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The Digital Builder's Guide to Preconstruction Collaboration

Learn seven best practices to collaborate more effectively during the preconstruction phase — and produce better outcomes in the process.

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Getting the preconstruction phase right requires a massive team of contributors to work together effectively. Unfortunately, preconstruction planning has historically been disconnected, with project partners only collaborating or sharing data when necessary. The issue with this siloed approach is that it leads to problems later on in the construction lifecycle: projects delivered behind schedule, over-budget, or with rework required. 

Today, leading contractors are seeing that more collaboration during the early stages of a project leads to better outcomes. The purpose of this guide is to help contractors learn how to overcome historically adversarial relationships between themselves and trade partners, internal departments, and others while moving toward a more connected process across the board. 

In this guide, you’ll learn: 

• Proven tips to improve collaboration between project partners 

• Why expanding access to key project data is so critical today 

• How integrated workflows help teams save time and reduce errors 

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