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How Autodesk Build Helps Lomans Deliver Better Outcomes for Its Clients

Lomans is an end-to-end installation company in the Netherlands that specialises in developing tomorrow’s smart buildings and sustainable installations. Over the last few years, the company has seen substantial project growth, creating issues in managing its day-to-day processes. By adopting Autodesk Build within Autodesk Construction Cloud™, Lomans streamlined document management, saving time and delivering high-quality projects for its clients.

Establishing A Standard Way of Working

Lomans has all construction specialties under one roof: electrical and mechanical engineering and smart buildings.

Bas Spaan, Data and Information Manager for Lomans, says: “With our company growth, it soon became clear that there was no standardised approach to how we implemented and used digital solutions on our projects. Email was our single source of truth for the project teams at Lomans, but this was not always reliable nor sustainable.”

For Bas, managing project data and ensuring teams had access to the most up-to-date and accurate project information became challenging. At a minimum, Bas estimates that every project document was saved in at least two different locations – ranging from local network drives to different collaboration platforms and document sharing websites.


Aligning To the Future Vision

Lomans’ 2030 future vision is to use cloud solutions for their construction project data to facilitate improved internal and external collaboration.

“We know that in the future, we’ll be working differently with technology. Soon, the computer will be giving us different solutions for the requirements for the design or help us make decisions on what to do in situations, not the other way round! We know that working in a cloud environment is a fundamental element to moving closer to this reality,” reflects Bas.

Lomans decided to pilot Autodesk Build on small retail projects with shorter timelines. Bas reflects, “We could iteratively use the digital workflows and build our knowledge out bit by bit. We were also able to test some of the more complex workflows like markups and revisions on smaller projects and learn quite quickly about what works best across the team.”

The team at Lomans now uses Autodesk Build for all new construction projects. Project data is structured in a standardised way. Any new team members joining an ongoing construction project know precisely where to go in their common data environment for the relevant information to get up to speed. Bas has also supported construction teams using the permissions sharing features when collaborating with external partners. This removes the risk around data regulations and ensures the internal project team at Lomans can feel confident that the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

“We were able to learn quite quickly what works best across our team.”

Bas Spaan
Data and Information Manager



Focusing on Quality To Create Happy Customers

“The time our team has saved using the solution already has been immense,” says Bas. “For our team at Lomans, the building’s 3D model is accessible for all the team members at the office or on the construction site. We’ve removed the need to have 2D documents on a project; they’ll be accurate in real-time. Our teams can now focus on the value-adding activities like making sure our projects are delivered to the best quality,” says Bas.

The vision for Lomans is that all projects will be live on Autodesk Build and time will not be wasted searching for documents, looking for information, or waiting for information to be provided.

“Ultimately, our team’s expertise can be used to the best of their abilities. We can better support our customers to address their needs and solve their problems for improved outcomes.”

Bas Spaan
Data and Information Manager