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Gamuda is Building a Data-driven Future With Cloud-based Collaboration

Gamuda Berhad (Gamuda) is an engineering, property, and infrastructure company based in Malaysia. Since 1976, it’s provided innovative engineering solutions and sustainable development across the globe, including in Vietnam, India, and the UK.

Its signature projects include the construction of the Gali Batu Multi-Storey Bus Depot in Singapore, the Sungai Selangor Dam in Malaysia, and the Sydney Metro–Western Tunnel in Australia.

Working without a common platform created challenges for Gamuda 

Gamuda had been designing and building major infrastructure for over four decades in Southeast Asia. However, its rapid expansion into Australia and the UK highlighted the need for change. It found that disparate teams had invested in separate software products, which restricted collaboration. Cost managers and contract administrators used Excel spreadsheets, creating discrepancies, especially when paying international contractors. And major departments were siloed from each other thanks to the different software they were using.

Gamuda needed a common platform to unify its teams and encourage collaboration. It also required a solution that would allow it to capture and link relevant project data for insights and analytics.

“It’s no longer just about design. Forms, correspondence, cost management, and document control must all speak to run a project better,” says Chief Digital Officer John Lim.

Choosing a platform that met international standards, such as ISO 19650 for BIM, was also essential for the multinational company.


Data transparency provided the solution for Gamuda 

Gamuda started using Autodesk Construction Cloud in September 2022. It chose Autodesk Construction Cloud because of its reputation as a leading construction software.

“Everybody in construction knows AutoCAD, Revit, and Navisworks. What excited us was the new product, Autodesk Construction Cloud. It’s moving into the future with not just design, but moving all our projects onto the cloud, where people can collaborate,” says Lim.

Another vital consideration was that the chosen platform needed to be easy for staff to use – one that they could instantly pick up and apply without frustration or stress. Once the benefits of Autodesk Construction Cloud had been demonstrated, teams quickly saw the advantages of using a single platform for all departments to collaborate seamlessly and coordinate projects. 

Now, Gamuda can make more decisions based on data. Employees track issues with photos, references, and even weather events. This clarity and transparency allows Gamuda to make significant decisions and confidently tackle issues before they escalate.

“Once we can make sense of the data, we can make use of it, and that lets us make better decisions faster,” says Engineering Digital Lead Kyle Ewe.

Gamuda uses Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to extract data even further. Autodesk has extensive APIs that allow Gamuda to build more tools on top of Autodesk Construction Cloud, such as cost management and SAP integrations. With these powerful API connections, Gamuda can customise the platform to serve all its stakeholders. Sceptical employees have since jumped on board, embracing the benefits of data visualisation.

Autodesk Construction Cloud’s APIs also allow Gamuda to use AI to recognise dockets. Forms and photos route from Autodesk Construction Cloud into a Google document, which reads them and then routes the information back to the platform.


The transformative outcomes from using Autodesk Construction Cloud 

With work consolidated on one platform, Gamuda operates as a cohesive team. All Gamuda projects have a consistent look and feel thanks to this single source of truth.

“Autodesk Construction Cloud enables us to create a template. We can go from a project in Kuala Lumpur to Australia or Singapore and apply that same level of quality control, collaboration, and process,” says Lim.

Gamuda considers its relationship with Autodesk to be a partnership. As technologies emerge, Gamuda can adapt its Autodesk Construction Cloud platform to meet sustainability goals and its commitment to delivering exceptional projects that exceed expectations.

Lim says the company is excited about the future. It’s looking forward to using augmented reality (AR) apps to convert designs into 3D models, so workers on site can visualise and detect discrepancies sooner.

“We hope to integrate Autodesk Construction Cloud with emerging technologies like AR and VR, as well as sustainability initiatives by tracking and analysing data related to environmental impacts and resource utilisation,” says Group Digital Engineering Manager Arthur Mun.


"Once we can make sense of the data, we can make use of it.”

Kyle Ewe
Engineering Digital Lead, Gamuda



Gamuda’s digital transformation leverages technology for project success

Gamuda projects are connected across nine countries on Autodesk Construction Cloud. This single platform not only saves time and resources but keeps track of data, so high-quality standards are met, increasing reliability, and reducing mistakes. 

“With Gamuda being digitally forward, we really could resonate with the vision of Autodesk Construction Cloud being an open platform for people to not just use as a product, but to also build things around it,” says Ewe.

Gamuda works more collaboratively and efficiently with Autodesk Construction Cloud. That’s because decisions are driven by data, allowing greater transparency.

Lim sums it up: “With technologies like this, it puts us in a place where we can start thinking construction can be a digital-first industry.”