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Brasfield & Gorrie uses PlanGrid to share information and changes with all stakeholders on its fast-paced healthcare projects

Brasfield & Gorrie, one of the United States’ largest construction firms, uses PlanGrid to share information and changes, manage data, track progress, and collaborate effectively with all stakeholders on its fast-paced healthcare projects.

When Brasfield & Gorrie set out to build the largest hospital project in Georgia’s history, they knew keeping the project on schedule and under budget would be dependent on keeping everyone working off of current information.

But past technical solutions had a disastrous result amongst the field teams. Slow PDF rendering and confusing interfaces left team members wanting to go back to the slow moving, but consistent, world of paper drawings.

So Brasfield & Gorrie decided to move forward with PlanGrid.

The results from the project showed they made the right choice. Subcontractors were able to learn the product and go work on their jobs in the same day. Project Managers were able to distribute updates instantly to stay ahead of the schedule. Company leadership was able to keep all of the data in one place, no easy feat for healthcare construction, to turnover to the owners for ongoing operations.

While it took the whole team’s buy-in to work with one software platform. The engagement with PlanGrid, and the project success, showed it’s possible for all parties to win.

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"We're putting in almost $800,000 worth of work, each work day. Being able to capture all of that progress is key. PlanGrid is a huge time-saving opportunity; value in the field is immeasurable."

- David Hajjar, Senior Project Manager

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