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How Construction Bid Management Wins More Business for Complete Millwork Services



Complete Millwork Services is a Carson City, Nevada-based millwork solution company known for exceptional quality interiors. They’ve been in business for over 60 years, and they know what it’s like to bid in an old-fashioned paper-based environment. With Bid Board Pro, by BuildingConnected within Autodesk Construction Cloud™ Complete Millwork Services uses an online bid board to manage their preconstruction process as a whole and win more business.


Streamlined Bid Solicitation and Management Transforms the Bidding Process

For subcontractors, organizing and keeping track of many simultaneous opportunities is a significant challenge. In the past, Complete Millwork Services used countless spreadsheets, emails, and calendar invites to manage the bidding process. With hundreds of bid invites every month, keeping track of due dates and bid status was impossible.

“Before BuildingConnected, we used spreadsheets to try to track what was going on. There were occasions where we’d either miss a bid date entirely or we would have two people working on the same bid, which was a complete waste of resources.”

Kevin Mortensen
Vice President of Preconstruction


Collaborative Bidding Improves Estimator Efficiency

Bid Board Pro helps keep everyone organized. Estimators no longer worry about crossing wires or having to track projects manually. Bid Board Pro provides insights into workflows and clarity to ensure everyone on the team stays on the same page. As soon as a bid comes in, the manager can assign it to the appropriate people, and they know what they’ve got on their plates so they can plan and organize their time.

“Before BuildingConnected, we might have two estimators working on the same project — wires would get crossed. We’d lose a week’s worth of work when we could have been doing something else.”

Andrew Hoxsey
Project Manager


Analytics Inside Cloud-based Bid Management Tools Help Win More Projects

Choosing the right projects to bid on can be challenging, and submitting winning bids requires significant time and resources. Even the most organized bid calendars can’t prevent project conflicts or guarantee that GCs will accept bids.

Bid Board Pro has transformed the way Complete Millwork Services does business. With the data and analytics capabilities in Bid Board Pro, the Complete Millwork Services team knows which projects they have the best chances of winning and which GCs are most likely to award contracts. This information has helped the Complete Millwork Services team select bids based on their potential success rate.

With a construction bid management process in place, the Complete Millwork Services team can focus on what’s important: winning projects and producing and installing quality interiors.

“You can only bid so much in a time period. BuildingConnected helps us stay on top of where we need to be. Simply put, it has revolutionized the industry.”

Kevin Mortensen
Vice President of Preconstruction