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BAM International teams achieve up to 50% time savings on the construction of Yas Bay Arena

BAM International achieves huge time savings and drives high quality while constructing the iconic Yas Bay Arena project in Abu Dhabi, developed by Miral, Abu Dhabi's Creator of Destinations. In collaboration with Autodesk Consulting, BAM is leading the way with construction in the Middle East to significantly improve efficiencies by digitalizing the construction processes.

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Royal BAM Group nv operates in five European home markets and in niche markets worldwide. BAM employs approximately 20,000 people, and its operating companies are active in public-private partnerships, and construction, property, and civil engineering business lines. BAM International assumes the contracting activities of Royal BAM outside Europe and has had a presence in the Middle East since the 1970s.

Now in its seventh year of an Enterprise Business Agreement (EBA) with Autodesk, BAM was an early adopter of Autodesk® BIM 360®—a decision that furthered the company’s commitment to successful collaboration fostering strong client relationships.

BAM International began construction on the Yas Bay Arena Project on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in December 2017. Knowing this iconic design required ambitious construction planning, the group turned to Autodesk Consulting to implement solution-driven workflows that could highlight and manage field quality issues, while also identifying their root causes.

The Problem

Delivering Yas Bay Arena features complex design concepts and major site constraints within an extremely tight schedule, a testament to which is Yas Bay Arena’s primary structural irregular geometrical form.

The iconic envelope design of the arena creates an immersive lantern envelope with a double skin façade consisting of glazing, decorative screens, and roofing associated with façade lighting integrated with the primary skin.

Yas Bay Arena sits on the waterfront, a district that lies in close proximity to major existing developments and infrastructure. Additional complexity is introduced by the marine environment, the existing ground level in the area, the site’s exposure to fierce gusts of wind off the sea, and the lack of shielding from surrounding buildings.

The construction team looked at streamlining the management of construction and quality issues. To align with its vision, “We make it before we make it,” BAM’s digital construction team built the project virtually prior to construction so they could integrate all design, construction and facility management information into one centralized platform.

To implement the latest digital design and field solutions, the BAM team reviewed the use of Autodesk® BIM 360® Glue and Autodesk® BIM 360® Field, working with Autodesk consulting to ensure the successful implementation of the BIM 360 platform.

The Solution

BAM chose to implement digital processes for collaboration using a cloud-based management platform, which allows easy access to information for all project stakeholders across the supply-chain.

Autodesk Consulting set up a series of collaborative workshops with BAM International to plan the implementation of the BIM 360 platform, conscious of the tight project schedule. The initial step was identifying and on-boarding key stakeholders and process owners. BAM recognized that success required more than great tech, and empowered and mobilized its entire workforce to adopt the software and fully engage with the new workflow. The teams worked towards optimizing the flow of communication, ensuring instant access to information using the BIM 360 platform.

The BAM project team led the process to improve implementation of BIM 360 Field through a planned, detailed, project data breakdown structure with locations, zones, inspection checklists, specifications, drawings, and equipment. One key improvement was digitalizing the paper-based work inspection request (WIR) and proactive site observation report (SOR) processes and optimizing the workflow with BIM 360 Field. Following the success of using checklists for construction quality inspections, BAM International added checklists for environmental inspections and on-site plant and machinery tracking.

BAM understood the importance of having several teams working simultaneously. “Our main target is to implement digital and dynamic processes to leverage the power of collaboration between project stakeholders and extending the use of BIM to support high-quality construction,” said Ahmed Kassib, BIM Manager for BAM International, United Arab Emirates (UAE). All teams needed full awareness of the interface between the trades on a weekly basis.

BIM 360 Glue allows the team to create a federated model of the project. This enables stakeholders to have a proper overview and gain awareness of all project challenges in order to mitigate them in an early stage. It allows construction site teams to review the latest models onsite without searching for or printing updated drawings.

Autodesk Consulting worked closely with BAM to train internal and subcontractor teams on the use of BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue, ensuring everyone could use the platform with minimum effort or downtime.

Quotation mark

"Digital construction and Building Information Modelling are helping to strengthen the operations and productivity of our business."

- Maged Fares, Operations Manager, BAM International, Middle East

The Results

“We must be able to measure and communicate the benefits, proving the business case,” said Eoghan O’Neill, Project Manager for BAM International, UAE. “When the new workflow was first implemented, direct costs were incurred to replace traditional paper workflows with that of tablet-based. Since seeing the incredible benefits from the digital workflows, the return on investment can be calculated by determining the benefits.” Through the successful implementation of BIM 360, the team realized planned improvements such as eliminating the need to print all related project documentation.

BIM 360 Field transitioned quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) inspectors to a digital platform for filling checklists and documentation, saving valuable employees time. These inspectors previously had to enter items from paper checklists into worksheets when they returned to the site office to document them again.

Traditionally, it took BAM construction team on average 45 minutes per work inspection. With BIM 360 Field, work inspections now take on average 23.5 minutes per inspection resulting in a 48 percent time savings.

The BAM QA/QC team previously spent on average 80 minutes conducting a single inspection. Each WIR had four key components – checking documents, capturing issues, completing checklists, and issuing reports. With BIM 360 Field, the team saves time in all four segments of the workflow. One WIR now only takes an average of 36 minutes – a 44-minute savings and a 55 percent overall improvement on a single inspection. Another benefit realized is how quickly dashboards from Autodesk BIM 360 Field can highlight the root causes of issues across the whole project.

Daniel Steyn, Project Quality Manager for BAM International, UAE commented, “After implementing BIM 360 Field on our project we are impressed by how easily everyone got accustomed to the process. The aid of pre-determined drop-down menus not only saves time, but also creates consistent description entries. It offers increased visibility on quality issues in terms of status, root causes and assigned responsibility. Reporting can be customized to suit your specific KPI’s.” As WIRs are conducted throughout the construction process, BAM is looking to save an incredible amount of time on the overall project. “BIM 360 Field is really making it easier for BAM to manage project information and enhance organizational knowledge.”

The efficiencies gained during construction align with the commitment to sustainability according to the 2-Pearl Estidama rating the Yas Bay Arena has been designed to fulfill. The Estidama Pearl Rating System requirements are a set of guidelines put forth by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council to promote sustainable development design and construction according to innovative green standards. Estidama, the Arabic word for sustainability, has become an integral part of the project on all levels. By using BIM 360 Field for construction and quality inspections, BAM International has managed to reduce unnecessary printing of drawings, photographs, and specifications.

BAM initially deployed four mobile devices to run newly implemented workflows, rising to ten devices when benefits of the BIM360 workflow were being proved. BAM’s environmental team has started to use the platform to highlight environmental non-conformance issues to the construction team.

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"Technology is transforming the way buildings and infrastructure are designed, constructed and operated. At BAM International, we have made a good start on our digital journey, and we need to keep moving to stay ahead of the industry."

- Patrick McKinney, Director, BAM International, Middle East

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