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STRUXI Integration

STRUXI is a simple construction-management platform that helps businesses root out problems and act with real-time insights by cost code, project, crew and employee.
Our mission is to deliver a software toolset that maximizes efficiency by empowering teams to easily track, analyze and manage time.
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STRUXI - Partner Card
STRUXI - Partner Card
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The Integration

Autodesk Build and STRUXI connect your performance tracking information in your Cost Management - Performance Tracking module. STRUXI gathers the time punches from the on-site, and the foreman allocates time and production to cost codes to easily sync with Autodesk Build. 

STRUXI's construction-productivity solution replaces outdated-paper timesheets and production reports with software that updates you every hour on labor performance—without disrupting how you already run your job sites.


  • Integrate Autodesk Build with Struxi to allow foreman to capture, allocate and analyze productivity.
  • Accurately gather labor hours in the field with STRUXI's integrated IOS application, Capture.
  • Export productivity to Autodesk Build for Performance Tracking analysis.


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