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ProNovos Integration

ProNovos is the construction intelligence cloud that connects your jobsite crew, boardroom team, accounting and project data all in one place. Build the workflows & reports that fit your business, connect all the systems needed, then extract real-time insights into the information you seek.
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The Integration

ProNovos provides insight you can build on, from the jobsite to the boardroom. The cloud-based data warehouse connects all data sources, systems, and teams to build real-time, interactive dashboards and reports with the information that the user seeks.

ProNovos builds innovative technology solutions that solve the biggest challenges commercial construction faces. Connecting and empowering key stakeholders with real-time access to critical financial and project information.


  • Integrate and automate data flow into one central repository
  • Bi-directional data exchange maintaining data consistency
  • Improve project's productivity and identify then eliminate cost overrun and risks
  • Deliver interactive data visualizations that report in real-time with drill downs
  • Improve data access, performance, and security across your organization


Technology built byProNovos


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“Bruce and his team advised us as we built out our data warehouse and ramped up our data-cleanliness. By integrating more data streams into ProNovos’s analytics engine, we have been able to make better decisions in the office and the field.”

- Andy Hough, IT Director of GLY

“ProNovos has customized these dashboards for us based on our specific needs. A lot of companies won’t do that.”

- Scott Marko, President of Zernco, Inc