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Masterworks Integration

Aurigo Masterworks Cloud, an integrated suite of enterprise software products for planning, building and maintaining large capital assets, infrastructure and facilities. Aurigo offers the most comprehensive industry-ready solution that automates every phase of plan-build-maintain-operate lifecycle.
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Masterworks connector to PlanGrid
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The Integration

The new Masterworks connector to PlanGrid allows owners using Masterworks and contractors using PlanGrid to pass information seamlessly between the office and field. Connected teams can now track, manage, and collaborate on RFIs, issues, documents, and sheets.

Aurigo Masterworks Cloud helps owners plan, build, maintain, and operate their capital investments safely and efficiently. We have three product lines, Aurigo Masterworks Ultimate, Aurigo Masterworks Professional, and Aurigo Essentials.


  • Automatically share and manage RFIs, issues, and documents between PlanGrid and Masterworks
  • Enables collaboration between contractors and owners.
  • Eliminates data leaks and data delays between the owner and contractor.


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"The biggest benefit we’ve had using Aurigo is our ability to minimize manual data entry and increase accuracy.” The Director of Federal Aid Programming & Reimbursement Office MassDOT


“On our public projects, we juggle massive amounts of documents and data, unexpected changes, and federal aid reimbursement challenges – and we have to stay in constant communication with contractors so we can anticipate anything that may impact schedules or budgets,” said Michael Sturdivant, Engineering Project Manager at the City of Las Vegas, an Aurigo customer.

- Michael Sturdivant