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Cupix is a cloud-based software company founded in late 2015. We have developed a state-of-the-art 3D virtual tour solution that gives our users an easy and affordable way to capture the jobsites only using a consumer-grade 360° camera and create a Google Street View-like virtual walkthrough.
Integration forBIM 360
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Works with:BIM 360 Docs, Partner Card
The Integration

CupixWorks transforms 360° photos or videos into a 3D digital twin. Mount the 360° camera on your hard hat (or selfie stick) and walk your Jobsite. Cupix automatically creates a Google Street View-like 3D digital twin of your Jobsite, which you can virtually walk online and share with colleagues.

CupixWorks creates 3D Digital Twins of your construction projects accessible anytime, anywhere only using consumer-grade 360° cameras.  Add a 360° visual context to your BIM360 documents and minimize miscommunications. 


  • Create BIM 360 Issues & RFIs while virtually walking the jobsite within CupixWorks SiteView.
  • Seamlessly navigate between CupixWorks SiteView and BIM 360 via deep links.
  • Provide visual and spatial context to BIM 360 Issues & RFIs without visiting the jobsite.
  • Perform side-by-side compare against BIM models within BIM 360 Docs.


Technology built byCupix, Inc.


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